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Viral Stupidity. How bout dah?

Image result for cash me outside how bow dahRemember the ‘Cash Me Ousside ‘ girl?  Yup, the 13-year old who disrespected her mom,stole her credit cards and dropped out of school in grade 7.   You probably saw her on Dr. Phil also.  Maybe you thought “What a disaster!  She would never amount to to much.”   Yes, I thought so too.  Heck, I even used her as a teaching moment for my own kids.  You better be nice and stay in school or you boys would never get anywhere in life.  Man were we ever wrong.  She amounted to much and is amounting to much more.

So much for that.  I had not taken into consideration that this was the United States of America, where fame and fortune are always just one viral post away.  It doesn’t matter what you did, legal or illegal, if it goes viral, then get ready to cash out, how bout dah?

And so it happened with this obnoxious and rude teen, Danielle Bregoli.  She became a ‘viral sensation’ with over 8 million Instagram followers!  Her appearances are worth upwards of $40,000 and she even stars in commercials! A celebrity! A success story!  Who needs school and manners?  She is projected to be a Millionaire by the end of 2017!  What a sweet story of a hard working girl.

Seriously America, it’s time to wake up!  You are creating idols and role models out of those who least deserve it.   Turning a 13-year old, Grade 7 dropout into a celebrity?  Rewarding her for being a brat?  What would you do next?  Make a President out of a… um, nevermind.

Just My Take…

The Eyes See What The Heart Wants To See

I really need to work on being a bit more observant especially to things happening around me as apparently I miss quite a lot! Take Superbowl 50 for example, I miss important stuff! World changing stuff! People being racist stuff!

Ok, what are you ranting about now, Carlos? Glad you asked, and if you must know, I just found out that while I was being entertained by the half-time show featuring Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars, I was also unknowingly watching a public display of racism put on by Bey.  Yup.  In a nutshell.

I wasn’t exactly a willing participant, mind you.  In fact, until the day after, I had no clue that her performance was laden with racial implications advertising her support for the Black Panther movement and Malcolm X.  Man, do I ever feel foolish! I had to find out on social media! To be honest, I also missed the guy dancing behind Mark Ronson! The thing went viral!

I enjoyed the half-time show. I saw a darn good performance by a black woman. Not that I cared if she was black or white. I wanted to see her perform so when she did, I was totally into the performance. I missed the racist allusions and in fact, didn’t even notice that she along with her dancers, were clad in bullet-proof vests! Oh my! I must be getting old. Not saying she didn’t, but I missed it!

You see, the eyes see what the eyes want to see.  Take the photo below for example.  It’s of an expired snowman in my neighbor’s yard.  If your heart is so inclined, you could see a phallic symbol. Maybe that would be reason to pay a visit to the neighbors and maybe accuse them of public mischief? Indecent exposure? If you go looking behind rocks, of course you would find all kind of nasty and dangerous things.


What does your heart want you to see?

I looked at the half-time show with my heart set on enjoying some good performances, not too look for connotations and hints.  And that’s why I missed it!

And that’s also, MY TAKE

Monday Madness: Sex-Change On A Whim?

Do you find it ironic and equally confusing that we tell our kids to accept themselves no matter how, what and who they are yet we applaud Bruce Jenner for not accepting who he was? I do.  At  65 years old, Bruce Jenner of the Kardashian circus fame, decided to have a sex-change.  He set the media world on fire with the revelation that he was now a she.  Many gushed over the transformation, as though he went from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan.  I didn’t.  But then again, I never was one for circuses.

Pardon me here but I find this as nothing short of rich people having nothing better to do with their money and seeking more fame and attention. It doesn’t help that I have yet to see the merits of sex-changes unless medically necessary.  (I have yet to see a medically necessary sex-change).  So it is quite difficult for me to understand why a 65-year-old man would suddenly feel the need to change his sexual makeup.  (And what the heck does ‘Trap in a man’s/woman’s body mean?). Maybe I’m missing something here. Too conservative maybe?

So kids, forget what we say about accepting yourself.  Boys, the girls don’t want you to play on their team? Get the last laugh, become one of them. Ditto for you too girls.  Never again do you ever have to wonder what it feels like to be a girl or boy.  Experience it yourself!  Parents, you can quit trying for that girl or boy.  Just flip on of the other kids. Ah, life is so much easier these days…

Just My Take.



Wild Bill’s Bitter Pill

Bill Cosby: Himself

Bill Cosby: Himself (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Unless you are hibernating for the winter, otherwise known as living under a rock, you would have heard about Bill ‘yes that bill’ Cosby finding himself going up something that looks eerily similar to chocolate pudding’s creek with nary a paddle.  He’s landed himself in hot water.  Bill has recently been accused of sexual assault on not one, not two or three but let’s just say a lot. Like in the teens.  If you are one of those aforementioned under-the-rock dwellers, you would be sitting there with mouth hanging open thinking, “No! Not Bill Cosby from the Cosby Show! I don’t and won’t believe that!”  Well it’s up to you.  I chose to believe.  Maybe you didn’t believe CBC Jian Ghomeshi either…who would have thunked it?

I know, it’s hard to imagine loveable Bill Cosby from The Cosby Show drugging young women then raping them. But then, it’s hard to imagine a lot of other things but that doesn’t make them false.

As Bill’s stock falls faster than you could say ‘pudding’, we are reminded to treat celebs like they are one of us, which they are.  Prone to the same temptations we are prone to.  Liable to commit crimes, lie and cheat just like us ordinary folks.  Bill is not alone so don’t be surprised.  He’s only human.  A human being who if the allegations and accusations are true, committed offenses that should not be allowed to be swept under the rug.   Sexual assault is a serious violation of ones sanctity. Something that is difficult for the victim to overcome.  It should be treated as such. Let’s see if it is…


My Take…

Victim Of Sexual Abuse? Please Step Forward

In light of what is going on with Jian Ghomeshi and the skeletons that keep falling out of his closet, I want to urge victims of sexual or physical abuse to step forward and help put an end to the person’s reign of terror. Just think, if Jian’s first victim had reported him immediately, his other victims could have been spared.

I realize the stigma that comes with beings the victim of a sexual abuse but the we are behind you. There is support out there. Remember, only you can stop the predator and you just might be saving a life.

I Am Not African-American But I Am Black Though

Remember Raven-Symone? She played Olivia on The Cosby Show. Apparently Raven does not like to be labelled an African-American or Gay for that matter. (She is in a gay relationship).  On a recent episode of Oprah, Raven rejected the notion that she is an African-American.  “I don’t know what country in African I’m from” she added.  Oprah warned her that she could be taking flack for such comments. (By the way, she’s not from any country in Africa).

Now Symone is wrong and Symone is right.  Labels are what is wrong with us as a society.  Labels create distinctions and groups.  It causes boundaries.  Boundaries cause us to hate, fear or reject those who are not of the same label as we are. That’s why there’s gay bashing and racism and bullying.  Yes it’s unfair because labels are also what makes us unique and special.  Our race and individuality should be embraced, not hidden for fear of rejection.  African-Americans have a rich history.  Being African-American is something to be proud of. Being white, Asian or otherwise is also something to be proud of.  Something to embrace and practice.

I understand where Symone is coming from. Do I agree? Yes and no.  That’s her take and this is mine.  Please note that Africa is a place that my fore-parents came from.  I am black but not an African. If I were an African, then a white person whose roots date back to England would be a British-Canadian. Right? And that’s My Take.

No Apologies

4b4fcfe5040e199a387f5bd073e6ff4aI think celebrities are dumb and stupid and should all be herded up and sent to Mars!  (A couple of days later, reading from a prepared script given to me by my agent…) I am really and truly sorry for saying what I said the other day.  There’s no place in the world for my rude and childish comments.  No one is stupid, well except me for making that statement.  I want Hollywood’s forgiveness and promise you that this would never happen again.

(The above is just to make a point by the way).

And that my friends, is how your Hollywood untouchables roll.  They utter hateful and ignorant statements about minorities, gays, lesbians and even their fans in general, then think that reading a scripted apology should soothe everything and make it all go away.  Happens everyday.  Jonah Hill, gay slur, Justin Bieber, racist remarks, Pharrell Williams, wearing an native headdress, (Not sure what that one falls under) and those are just this week’s offerings.  If you want more, inbox me and I’ll send you a list of the perps.

Aren’t you sick of it?  I am.  The apologies that is. It’s like me punching you in the face then saying sorry.  It’s how you feel man, don’t apologize to me, stand up for your opinion.  I would think you are a jackass but so what? You would be a strong jackass. A jackass with a backbone.  And that means a lot.

It’s too bad the luxury of having a spin doctor to fix our slip-ups is not to our avail, isn’t it?  No sir! Not us pee-ons.  We can’t afford it.  Which sucks as this means we have to be more responsible for what comes out of our mouth, what we write and in Pharrell’s case, what we wear.  We have to ask ourselves, “Would I be apologizing for this later or is it something that I could take a firm stand on and say, this is My Take?”

As a kid, I was always told that there are 4 things that do not come back.  The spoken word is one of them…





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So Long Snoop Snake

Snoop Dogg - Hovefestivalen 2012

Snoop Dogg – Hovefestivalen 2012 (Photo credit: NRK P3)

I was never a fan of Snoop Dogg when he first came on the scene.  What he portrayed went against all I stood for even though at my young age I was not exactly a shining example of perfection.  I just was never into the guns, drugs and violence thing.  His style of gansta rap was just too…gangsta for me.

A few years ago, Snoop went to Jamaica, hung out with the local Rastas and told the world that he was converting.  I was skeptical.  He changed his name to Snoop Lion and pledged allegiance to the under-privileged of Jamaica.  I scoffed at this and as he mentioned his plans to do a reggae album with some who-is-who of Jamaican reggae, I sensed manipulation and ulterior motives.  Then I listened to the album.

On the album, Snoop interrupts the real singers with snippets about his convergence and how he was turning his back on his old ways and embracing a much softer side, filled with forgiveness and humility.  I believed him.  I also put his ‘new music’ on repeat.  It was good stuff.  Granted, he barely did more than utter a few rasta phrases while the true singers did their thing.  “Jah Rastafari!’

Then Snoop being Snoop, reverted back to his old self.  He dissed Bunny.  Who is Bunny, you asked?  Bunny Wailer is the Wailing part of the Wailers.  As in Bob Marley and The Wailers.  Bunny is a legend in the reggae genre.  Snoop can only dream about legends.  Bunny Wailer accused The Cowardly Lion of using the Rasta Movement for his own pocket, mentioning his placement of Adidas in his videos etc.  Snoop, forsaken all his born-again respect and righteousness, responded to Bunny’s accusations with personal barb, criticizing the singers’ talent and his imput to the Wailers.  Give Snoop some credit, he did manage to sound like the old Dog that some had all to love.  The hard-nosed, murdering, teen-girls-exploiting, gun-toting, drug abusing, Snoop.

You almost had me fooled, Snoopy.  Almost.  Until you messed with Bunny.  I love Bunny.

Bunny Wailer performs at the 2008 Smile Jamaic...

Bunny Wailer performs at the 2008 Smile Jamaica Concert (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Kitchen Nightmare A Viewer’s Nightmare

English: Gordon Ramsay in 2010.

English: Gordon Ramsay in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I accidentally caught a little bit of the FOX reality show, Kitchen Nightmare,  have you seen or heard of it?  It was accidental as I barely watch tv and it happened to be on that channel because my mom was watching her soaps earlier and left the television on.

I admit, I don’t know the premise of the show, which makes me unable to render judgement other than my own opinion.  I heard the show before I saw it.  I heard a guy yelling with his verbage punctuated by bleeps.  I looked at the tv and saw a guy, later identified as Chef Ramsay, thanks to some Google sleuthing on my part.  He was yelling at a woman about her presentation.  It was belittling to watch.  I felt embarrassed for the poor woman standing there being treated like a misbehaving child.  People get a kick out of this crap?  Seriously?  Like I said, I don’t know what the show is all about and maybe the script calls for Ramsay to be a jerk, in which case he’s doing a stand up job.

I actually cringe when I see or hear an adult talking to another adult as though they were stupid or infantile.  (Am I normal?).  I would not stand there and let Ramsay or anyone else talk down to me like he was doing in front of millions of viewers.  (Do millions watch FOX?).  The woman was cowering as he got up in her face.  Somewhere, someone enjoyed this faceoff and somewhere, someone made a lot of money.

Maybe I’m just too old school and not much fun, in which case, ignore me and don’t let me rain on your parade.  Don’t forget that it’s all just…


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