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She’s In Love With The Boy, Or Is She?

While at a recent Garth Brooks concert, his wife Trisha Yearwood was singing her hit song, ‘She’s In Love With The Boy’ and as she sang, my mind wandered, as it is wont to do.  It wanders all the time, even while wandering.  It wandered this, “Pretty soon that song won’t be politically correct”.

You are probably going, “Why wouldn’t it be?  What cheap drugs are you on now?” Well think of the way our society is going.  He is she and she is he or both.  Where we once made do  with male and female washrooms for a two-gendered world, we are now adding a third for those not under this umbrella.  The ‘both’ group.  See where I am going with this?  I can’t hear you!

If you are still in a fog, let me aid your defogging.  Gender identity is slowing becoming non-existence or a non-issue. (Too bad I can’t say the same for race).  There’s no longer a clear distinction.  We are slowly dispensing of the systems that identified us as men or women.   Inclusivity is the order of the day.  (I still remember LGBTQ when it was just LG).

Saying all that, it won’t be long before someone asks the question, “Why are all these love songs about a boy and a girl?  What about the gays and lesbians?” Yes, what about them? Why are we eager to change and be more accepting yet it’s still a hidden taboo to sing about a man in a relationship with another man? Or a woman in a relationship with another woman? How come the ‘Kiss Cam’ at sports game never zoom in on an obviously lesbian or gay couple?  Is it that deep down, we really want HER to be in love with the BOY?

Just another one of MY TAKE



So Who Betrayed Who?

Early this week, I received a troubling text from the wife, “Honey, if you are on Ashley Madison better fess up now.”  I didn’t get it but I knew about the website.  My first thought was that there was probably a pop up or a spam email from the site on my computer. “Do you want me to cancel my subscription?” I jokingly replied waiting for her to explain herself.  She didn’t.  I found out later that day that the site was hacked and that users’ names were being posted online.  My wife was kidding of course, just so you know.  I never did like the name ‘Ashley’.

Now while members of this site that encouraged married users to have affairs because ‘life is short’ are crying foul, I ask myself, could they really cry foul? Do they have that right to even open their mouths in protest? I thinketh not.  They gambled and lost.  Plain and simple. Maybe the hackers are a group of angry women who are tired of going to bed alone while their husbands stay up to have an affair because life is short.  A discreet affair mind you.  Or maybe a group of men and women as women are also taking advantage of this indiscretion.

The fact that 37 million users use this service speaks volumes. I love the irony.  While they feel betrayed by a company that promised discretion but has not deliver, their partners share that very same feeling.  So who has betrayed who?

A Tale Of Two Moms

Follow the link below the read the take of a woman on same-sex marriage.  She was raised by two lesbian moms in a loving and caring environment.  Interesting and food for thought.


50 Shades Of Wrongness

What a twisted world we live in.  How could our kids understand it when their parents are just as confused? A few months ago, a popular radio personality, Jian Ghomeshi, was accused of having BDSM sex with his unwilling partners.  Women across the country called for his head as more came forward with accusations that they too were victims. Fast forward to present day, again women across the country and the world alike are again coming forward in regards to BDSM sex.  The exception? This time they are lining up to watch the movie based on the popular book, Fifty Shades Of Grey.  Is it me or is this some kinda distorted and warped sense of right and wrong?

Now I am not judging anyone on their sexual preference.  Bondage sex is not my cup of tea but if one choose to engage within the confines and privacy of their bedrooms, then it’s their prerogative.  Making it mainstream and allowing it to play in theaters? I am not so sure about that.  Some say it’s a love story, I say it’s porn but it’s just…


So You Want To Free Your Nipples?

I can tell you why but it's kinda obvious

I can tell you why but it’s kinda obvious

I understand that we are remaking and rebranding our society.  I understand that to do this, we need to make some drastic, questionable and sometimes ridiculous changes to what we once held sacred.  We need to be a more accepting society, we need to make everyone happy, change ‘Christmas’ to ‘holiday’, take bibles out of schools, yes, I totally understand.  It’s a inconvenient necessity.

Gone are the days when egotistical men armed with personal agendas opened doors for the ‘weaker sex’.  How rude of them!  Equality for all! We need a non-gender specific world where men and women are free to roam around shirtless. Yes, in fact, we need an non-gender world period! It’s time we get with the times! Let’s raise our sons to be ‘its’ let them wear pink dresses, flaunt their freedom of choices, let our daughters show their nipples. Free The Nipples!

Of course it’s a travesty.  Why shouldn’t women bare their chests to the delight of men?  If Miley Cyrus, Madonna, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and a bunch of other highly respected celebrities are in on it, then why shouldn’t we take notice?

I am sorry but I can only maintain my sarcasm for so long.  Of course the idea is utterly ridiculous!  I am not against women fighting for some form of equality like equal pay, but sacrificing your self-respect to fight for something like showing your privates in public is definitely not the way to go.  You will get noticed for sure but not the way you want or is it the way you want?  What next? Don’t answer that.  The unification of the bathroom? I hate to break the news to you women but when it comes to gender, the sex detector has determined that you ARE indeed a woman.  Be proud of it.  Accept the difference, yes there is a difference.  Free your mind, not your nipple.  And that’s just My Take.

Gay Parade Part Deux

Yesterday, I posted a blog, here, about what I perceived was an overexposure by Paraders taking in a Gay Parades.  I had no issues with the lifestyle, (still don’t), and when I professed to be ignorant of the reason why they had to be scantily clad, I actually was.  I really did not see the connection with being gay and parading around half-naked.  To me it was like a bunch of half naked women protesting for equality and respect.

I guess my post was mistaken to be a dig on the LGBT community as one reader left the following comment:  I know! Isn’t it outrageous? The other day I was at a restaurant and these people came in and actually sat at the table beside us. I thought, “How dare they think they’re equal citizens!”
They should have lowered their heads and taken their food to go- obviously.  (I took it he was being sarcastic.  I hope he was.  If he wasn’t, then he should lower his head and keep his comments to himself-obviously).

Like I eloquently put it, I have no issue with the LGBT.  Maybe my style of writing sent mixed messages, if so, I apologize.  Sometimes my style of writing does convey some contortion in its translation.  I sincerely didn’t mean to rain on the gay parade.

Remember, it’s not unanimous, it’s just MY TAKE.


Don’t Mean To Rain On Your Gay Parade, But…

nyc-gay-pride-3Yesterday my wife and I took the boys to the Children’s Museum for my cousin’s 5th birthday party.  The museum is at the Forks and it so happened that the Winnipeg Gay Pride Parade was winding down also at the Forks.  It was quite busy with lots of rainbow colors and great music.  After the party, my wife and I decided to walk around and check it out for a bit.

Now I am not anti-gay nor am I pro-gay. Just to set the records straight. I don’t care what people do with their lives as long as it doesn’t interfere negatively with mine.  I am cool that way.  The world is big enough for everyone to exercise their rights to be what they want to be.  Heck, as I walked through the throng of happy people, proud in their gayness, I was wearing a rainbow wristband with the saying, “Show your pride everyday”.  I am also cool like that.

What I couldn’t understand though was why the paraders were so ‘out there’.  Dressed outrageously, sexplicitly and sometimes more like circus clowns than anything else.  We have parades to show our black heritage but you never see us dressed like slaves or cannibals, do you?  We also don’t  show off our manhood as proof of our ‘blackness’.  I mean, can’t you parade wearing normal clothes?  What’s with the guys I saw with most of their butts exposed?  What’s with the young girls wearing just panties and bras?  Is that what being gay is about? I am sorry, I had no idea.  Pardon my ignorance.  I thought being a gay or a lesbian person was just a sexual orientation.  But then, I also thought that these parades were just public expressions of that preference and a gesture for acceptance.  I may be wrong but can’t one be gay or a lesbian and still dress heterosexually?  You really don’t need to show examples of what the lifestyle is about.

Again, pardon my ignorance but I really don’t think anyone could be taken seriously while dressed like some of these people were.  Mind you, many were decently clothed and behaved appropriately.  I understand the issues of the LGBT community.  I am all about equal rights and acceptance but when you parade around dress like an idiot at a public place attended by young kids, I can’t accept that. I can explain the reason for the parade to my young boys but how do I explain your indecent exposure?  “Son, don’t be gay or you would look like the guy in the photo?”

Here’s my take, if you are going to dress like a freak, please don’t take offense if you get mistaken for one.  But that’s just MY TAKE.  Maybe I’m wrong here and that’s EXACTLY what this gay parade thing is all about. In which case, I am truly sorry.  Didn’t mean to rain on your gay parade.  Carry on!



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