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Tell Ovechkin I’m Sorry

Alexander Ovechkin

Alexander Ovechkin (Photo credit: davidkosmos)

Done? Me done? With Ovechkin? I don’t think so.  I admit, I was mad at him for his lackadaisical attitude on the ice and it drove me to write that I was done wearing his jersey in public.  I was disappointed in him as he would have been if the situation was reversed.

Soon after writing my blog, ‘Tell Ovechkin I’m Done’,  The Great 8 went on fire!  Six goals and 3 assists in the last five games!  Maybe he follows my blog…  He also got the attention of the league, so much that he was named the week’s first star!  Now that’s my boy!

I watched him play the first of back-to-back games against the Winnipeg Jets.  He was nothing like the ‘drag-my-ass-around’ Ovechkin that I saw in his first game in the city.  He had fire and purpose.   I was happy.  Welcome back sir!

When asked about his turnaround, Ovechkin had this to say:

“I just try to do my best,” Ovechkin said.

“Right now I’m scoring goals and I’m the king of the world. And a couple weeks ago I was almost in the toilet. So maybe you just forget to flush me.”

Sounds like the old Ovie I once knew!  The line ‘I’m king of the world…’ reminds me of my other hero, the great Muhammad Ali.

Good luck Ovie!  Keep on rolling and I’ll keep on wearing that jersey.  If you are not done, then I’m not done, son.

Interestingly,  Oveckin is fourth in the league for goals, (5 less than leader, Stamkos) and his total points are good enough for 10th.  Pretty decent.


Tell Ovechkin I’m Done!

P1060226I loved the guy.  He reminded me so much of my other hero, Muhammad Ali.  Brash, energetic and in-your-face type of guy.  Watching him play made my heart beat faster.  He was like a wizard with the puck.  He would do anything to get it into the opposition’s net.  He was my type of guy.  Sidney who?  That wimp couldn’t hold a candle to the Great 8, Ovie.

Then just like that, without warning, it seemed like the wheels fell off the Ovechkin train.  The first season it happened, the excuses were many.  He was playing hurt.  The team had changed to a more defensive style of hockey.  The next season with a new coach with a different system still did not get the train back on track.  Was I witnessing the premature decline of my hero?  Did he peak too soon? I didn’t know what to think.  Fast forward to present day.

About a week ago, I went to see the shell of the Great 8 play the Winnipeg Jets.  I was focused on him as I wanted to see if I could notice anything different.  I did.  Well what I saw was troubling.  As his teammates practiced, Ovie stretched.  And stretched some more.  Then he went back on the bench to take care of his laces that suddenly needed attention.  Then he came back over the boards and stretched some more.  He took a shot with no real enthusiasm then tested the boards by bumping against it.  The captain Ovechkin was the laziest man on the ice!

When his team came out to start the game, Ovechkin made a beeline for the bench and was the first and only player sitting as his teammates made a warmup lap.  (Oh, he was also the first to leave the ice after the initial warmup).  Something seemed wrong.  I had the impression that Ovie did not want to be playing hockey.  His body language screamed that he’d rather be doing something else than play hockey.  Probably rather be spending time with his tennis player girlfriend, Maria Kirilenko.  Whatever it was, it had taken an immense toll on the man many considered to be the next big thing in hockey.  Gone was the brash kid who knocked over any player who dared to stand in his way.  A couple of games ago, he attempted to throw a hip check at an opposing player entering his zone.  He then backed off at the last second and allowed the player to go in and eventually set up a goal.  The player who scored ‘the goal’ while sliding on his backside and many other highlight reel goals have left the building, folks.  The player who was considered by many, including yours truly, to be better than Crosby, is now not even worthy of tying The Kid’s laces.  Comparing him to Sidney is an insult to Crosby.  Heck, comparing him to Malkin, Hossa, and a lot of other players who are playing their hearts out night after night, is insulting.

So tell Ovechkin that I’m done.  I can no longer be seen wearing his jersey, once my prized possession.  I can be tolerate and even appreciate it if a player tries hard but fails due to lack of talent but a player who gives up on his team and his teammates, I can’t support.  I am not comfortable wearing Ovechkin’s jersey anymore.  In fact I’m done, son.


A Thank You Letter To The National Hockey League

Original NHL logo, used until 2005. A version ...

Dear NHL,

It’s me, Carlos.  You should know me by now since I’ve been a faithful follower of yours for some time now.  I even bought season tickets so I can actually go to games.  My wife thinks I am addicted but I think she’s just jealous.  She said when I am watching games, I ignore her and everyone else including the kids.  If you still don’t know who I am, that’s fine.

The reason I’m writing to you is I want to say thank you for giving me a much-needed break by being in a lockout.  I am now realizing that there is more to life than the NHL.  It has only been a month but man, did I ever need this.  You see, we have just built a new house and you know how that goes, you spend the rest of your life turning it into a home. Renovations to the hilt.  Finish the basement, build a deck, landscape the yard…  There’s no way I would have gotten anything done while trying to keep up with the games.  I have finished framing the basement (You should see my stick handling skills with a 2×2 or a 2×4) and started wiring last night.  No one knew that I even had it in me. HA! I’ll show them.

With the extra time I now have, I am also thinking of taking some skating lessons with my boys, instead of watching a bunch of overpaid guys skate.  (Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.  You guys deserve more than the 50/50 split the owners are offering).  Instead of Hockey Nights In Canada, it’s now Family Night At The Walcotts.   Sounds more productive, you must admit.  Before bedtime, my boys and I watch the show ‘Wipeout’ instead of hockey.  I am finding things around the house that I never even knew I had.  Books I haven’t read, tools I haven’t used, a son…

Hey, remember how my blood pressure used to spike while watching close games with bad calls?  Especially those going into overtime?  Well so far, my blood pressure has been near perfect.  No stress over power plays and bias referees.  I have my own goals now and they do not involve hockey.

This has to be the best thing you could have ever done for me.  (Well other than giving me a chance to see Ovie).  I am like a new man with a new lease on life! I can really get used to this.

Hopefully, I’ll see you next year.  Gotta run, got lots on the plate.



P.S  Now if you can top that off by sending  Ovechkin to my house for Christmas, that would be awesome!  He’s not that busy anyways and the boys would be so excited!  I would be too.


Daddy and the hockey game

Washington Capitals

ashington Capitals (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s NHL Playoffs!  To top it off, The Washington Capitals are right in in the thick of things and have a good chance of winning the cup this year.

I am not sure what turned an island boy, fresh off the boat, into a fan of Ice Hockey.  After all it was played on ice and not only do I hate cold, I also can barely stand with skates on.   My interest in basketball and football pales in comparison although one might have suspected that I would tend to be a bigger fan of those two.  That would be stereotyping by the way…

Anyways, whatever the reason, I am a passionate  fan of NHL hockey.  I love our Winnipeg Jets but my heart is with The Washington Capitals.  My favorite player is Alexander Ovechkin.  (My second son is named after him).   I like his hard nosed style of play and the way he can take it and dish it out.

Being a passionate fan does not mean I have the urge to destroy things or places like those rioters in Vancouver disguised as hockey fans.  My blood pressure is the only thing negatively affected by my hockey devotion.  Oh and also my wife who has to endure Daddy sulking around the house when his team loses.

Trust me, I know that it is just a sport and that I should treat it as such. calm down and relax, I hear that all the time.  I try.  Come on, do you think I enjoy spiking my blood pressure?  I just can’t  help getting into the game way too much.   During game six and seven of the first round of the Caps’ series, I refused to watch the third periods and opted instead to lie down until I was sufficiently calmed down. ( I know, I need help).  At least give me some points here, I never once felt like burning cars, looting or even throwing stuff.

As the Caps prepare to win Lord Stanley’s mug, I am also prepared for whatever may come.  My blood pressure kit would be right beside me.  Go Caps!

Talking about rabid fans, check out the links below.



The weird world of sports


As a big Hockey fan and an even bigger fan of the Washington Capitals, it was interesting to note the firing of their head coach Bruce Boudreau, this morning.  The same guy who just only a few years ago, was good enough to best the other coaches and win the Coach Of The Year Award. The same coach who with his last win a couple of games ago, became the fastest coach in NHL history to reach 200 wins. (201-88-40).  So we can bet our houses that he would be picked up within 24 hours by some lucky team.

Apparently, Boudreau  had lost the support of his team. Whatever he did was not working, so unfortunately, he was the fall guy as all coaches are when their teams are failing. I am not sure why this is so.  If a student continually fails to live up to his or her potential, the teacher is never in any danger of losing his or her job.  Even though in some cases, the level of tutoring provided at schools are surely reasons for some heads to roll in that department…but that’s another take.

In a league, and also a world, where athletes are extremely overpaid, I think holding same athletes to some responsibility for their performances would not be a bad thing.  Why should the peon have to pay because an overpaid athlete suddenly thinks he’s too rich to give two hoots about playing up to his potential?   They are signed to these outrageous contracts that is not performance based, so why should they risk their health when they could just coast and still pick up their fat pay cheques?  I still say ALL athletes should be paid based on how they perform.  This means that their contract should be reviewed each season and made to reflect their play.

Personally, I also think it is preposterous that someone playing a sport gets paid in the hundreds of millions.  Their job, if one can call it that, does not cure cancer or any ailment for that matter.  Unlike an educator’s, it also does not shape a child to become the next president, scientist or doctor.  In a normal world, a doctor and teacher would probably be high up on the pay scale, enjoying the respect that their careers should garner.  Unfortunately, we are not living in such a world so we will continue to watch a rich brat running up a down a hardwood floor while bouncing a ball, complaining to the ref whenever another rich brat invade his personal space. What a picture!

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