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It’s A Boy! It’s A Girl! It’s…It’s…What Is It?

Related imageThere’s a saying, ‘If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quack likes a duck, then it’s probably is a duck.’  I live by that mantra, kinda.  So when I saw the yahoo news about a baby born in British Columbia that was not assigned a sex at the parents’ wishes,  I thought, “How could that be?”  I showed the story to my 10-year old and he asked, “Can’t they tell if it has a pee pee or not?” (Hmm…maybe he read the book above). My response was, “Maybe there’s nothing there.”  You see, I was a bit naive, I wasn’t thinking inside the box.  Read story here.

You can’t blame me for being naive when all my life and my parents’ lives and my parents’ parents’ lives, there have always been a male and a female.  Pardon my ignorant simplicity, blame it on my upbringing.  I am really not used to this grey undetermined area.  In my simple mindedness, I thought that  It wasn’t up to parents to choose what gender they wanted their kid to be, or raise them as fence-straddlers until they decided their sexual orientation.  Reminds you of The Bachelor, doesn’t it?

Why oh why do we let this madness happen?  Why do we cave in to every inane whim by a faction of our society with too much time on their hands?  Dismantling everything once held sacred, now this.  A parent can now choose whether or not their kid, who was born with male parts, lives like a boy, a girl or sex unassigned.  SEX UNASSIGNED? No, no, it was assigned but you just don’t want to accept it.  It’s like accepting your parking spot that your work assigned to you because you thought that it was too far of a walk to the front door.  I pity the kid…

The parents of the above organism, wants it to grow up and gravitate to its own natural sexual orientation.  Like choosing if it wants to pee standing up or sitting down, briefs or G-strings, be a wife or a husband, join a girls’ sports league or a boys’ etc after first experimenting with them.  They also do not want the poor kid to be labelled.   Newsflash! It’s not labelling.  If it looks like a…nevermind, the world is so messed up that one little unassigned-sex kid won’t even cause a ripple.


Just my take…


Easter Long Weekend In Thunder Bay

Ah, it’s so good to be home!  We took advantage of a rare four-day weekend for me by packing up the family and heading out to Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Amie is a Thunder Bayan and her aunts and cousins are still there.  It was a bitter-sweet visit as one of her uncles is also fighting a seemingly losing battle with cancer and it could be our last time seeing him alive.

It was good times with the in-laws as it usually is when we get together.  Food is an important part of these gatherings and I was quite happy to partake.  The boys had fun playing with their cousins and other than the inability to have a good sleep, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Now I need a couple of days vacation to rest…

The boys having fun with cousin Jadyn

Easter egg hunt at the park

The Boys enjoying uncle Barry's pancake breakfast

My response to an aging widow’s offer of 7.5 Million dollars

I am so excited right now that I could hardly contain myself.  I just received an email with the following subject line: Re: Dear Beloved in Christ,I am Mrs.Mary Parker an aging widow suffering from long time illness. I have some funds I inherited from my late husband, the sum of 7.5 Million Pounds and I needed a very honest and God fearing Christian that will use the fund for God’s work, I found your email address from the internet and decided to contact you. Please if you would be able to use the funds for the Lord’s work, kindly reply me at Yours in the Lord. Mrs.Mary Parker.

I had to reply right away in case she changed her mind.  Here is a copy of my response to this kind woman.  (Is this what a philanthropist is?)

Dear Mrs. Parker, or can I call you Mary? As a hard-working man with a wife and 3 sons plus a foster kid and an exchange student,  I think you made a great choice.  And to think, you found my email on the internet. Just my email, nothing else, and decided that I was someone who needed a portion of your inheritance.  Well I do and God must have sent you my way because you couldn’t have come at a better time.

Mary, I am sorry to hear that your husband passed away and you yourself is suffering from a long time illness.  I know a woman whose husband died also and she’s quite sick herself.  He didn’t leave her 7.5 million dollars though.  In fact he didn’t leave her any millions, or thousands for that matter.  I think he left her his stamp collection.

At your age and with your health conditions, I realize that it is almost impossible for you to do God’s work.  How did you even make it to the computer in your condition? Anyways, I am a very honest and God-fearing Christian and would respect your wishes that I  spend your money doing God’s work. I must tell you though, that I would need a new house, new cars, new clothes and same for the family.  This is just so I could look professional while doing God’s work. I would also need to quit my current job. Oh, by the way, I think the people in British Columbia are in need of some spiritual attention so maybe I should move there and leave this cold boring prairie lovely city of Winnipeg.  Oh I am so excited my email is probably not making too much sense right now. Forgive me, Mary.

Mary, I have to tell you something.  You see you are not the only one who has offered to share their windfall with me.  The good Lord has also sent a few Nigerians who have all offered me a share of their financial payouts from various court battles or insurance settlements.  On a bitter-sweet note, last week my great aunt that I never knew passed away.  I got the email (Yes an email. How rude eh?)letting me know that she had left me a huge sum of money.  All I had to do was send my banking information to her so it could be deposited.  HEY!! WAIT A MINUTE! HOW COULD SHE EMAIL ME IF SHE WAS ALREADY DEAD?  This is so weird! Kinda freaky actually. Oh well. It’s all about the Benjamin.  (No Mary, Benjamin is not a relative. It’s Benjamin Franklin who is…never mind.)

I just want to say thanks again for the consideration and hope you feel better soon. Please find below, my banking information and my SIN just in case.

Jesus loves you and so do I.  Take care Mary.

Yours In Christ,


P.S. Because one can never be too careful with all the computer frauds and scams these days, I have decided to send you my information in a separate email.  To show my appreciate, I have decided that on receipt of the funds, I will send you my Mars rock that I inherited from my great great great great grandpa. It’s a genuine rock taken from the first manned space expedition to Mars. Thanks again!

BC drug smuggler caught smuggling cocaine in car with ‘SMUGLER’ plates

Jasmin Klair of B.C. caught smuggling cocaine in car bearing ‘SMUGLER’ plates

By Jordan Chittley | Daily Buzz – 12 hours ago

The woman was also staying at the Smuggler’s Inn just metres from the Canadian border

When trying to smuggle drugs between Canada and the U.S., it’s not a good idea to be in a car with vanity plates that read “SMUGLER”. Or stay at the Smuggler’s Inn, which is a stone’s throw from the Canadian border in Washington.

Department of Homeland Security agents received a tip about possible drug activity at a Pizza Hut near the inn in December. Agents were watching as the owner of the bed and breakfast pulled into the parking lot and picked up a passenger and then drove her back to the inn. His vanity plates read “SMUGLER”.

At the inn, agents contacted B.C. resident Jasmin Klair who they described as “very nervous and erratic,” according to the Seattle PI. Klair admitted to having a gift-wrapped box in the car and when officers searched it, with her consent, they found nine bricks of cocaine weighing 11 kilograms.

Klair told agents Gurjit Singh Sandhu gave her instructions and said he would pay her $4,000 plus expenses for the job. She was to go to Bellingham, just south of the Canadian border, pick up a package, stay at the Smuggler’s Inn and leave the package outside the door to her room.

The Smuggler’s Inn has rooms named “Al Capone” and “DB Cooper”. According to MSNBC, Klair requested the “Captain’s Room,” which is about 50 metres from the border.

Agents then set up surveillance and saw a driver and passenger cross illegally from Canada into the U.S. and stop in front of the inn shortly before midnight. Agents saw them approach the package of drugs and when the men were close, agents arrested them. The men were Sandhu, who had given Klair instructions, and Narminder Kaler.

Klair pleaded guilty at the end of last month in U.S. District Court in Seattle to conspiracy and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. She remains in jail pending a May 29 sentencing hearing. Klair’s co-defendants Sandhu and Kaler also remain in jail on similar charges.

The Inn’s owner, Bob Boule, told the Bellingham Herald about 60 people are arrested every year going through the yard of the inn.

(Reuters photo)

Talk about a smug smuggler.  Coincidentally, she was also staying at THE SMUGGLER’S INN when apprehended. Talk about advertising one’s business….My take, is it the air in BC?

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