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Image result for daylight savingsIn this hectic world where we wish daily that we had one more hour in our days, losing an hour is a big deal.  When it’s done on a Sunday morning where the next day is the much-dreaded and hated Monday, it’s an even bigger deal.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that this tactic has ran its course but the decision-makers continue to flog this dead horse.  Maybe they just don’t want to admit defeat.  Saying this,  I have a work-around that could make this DST work and benefit everyone.  Make the change on a weekday, preferably Monday, at about 3pm!

How would that benefit everyone?  Well when the time changes on a Sunday, employees show up to work tired and unproductive.  That’s if they do turn up, some prefer to call in sick.  If the time goes forward an  hours closer to the end of their work day, employees get to leave on hour earlier AND start their evening chores earlier too! It’s almost as if they gained an hour! It’s all in the mind of course because really, who doesn’t want to leave work early? Happy employees=production=happy employers.

Thank me later.


Don’t mess with my clocks!

daylightI am not a fan of DST.  No, it’s not a sales tax.  I am talking about Daylight Savings Time.  I hate this ‘Spring forward, fall back’ crap that I have to endure every year in the pretext of saving energy.

I did a little digging around to see exactly how and when this silly practice came about and found out it was actually the brainchild of one Benjamin Franklin, ever heard of him? Well damn you, Benny! *Yawn*

So what are the benefits of this?  Other than turning me into a zombie, it helps to keep employees so tired and confused that they fail to recognize when their bosses are screwing them around.  When you are tired, you never argue.  It saves energy because when we uhm…er…ok, forget that one.  It helps us to maintain a healthy lifestyle by spending an extra hour outdoors, enjoying that extra hour of daylight.    In fact, I did see an increase in my outdoor activities. NOT!  I spend that extra hour indoor trying to catch up on my missing hour of sleep.

Ok, the verdict is in.  Daylight savings is useless and a big waste of time and energy.  It messes with our bodies as studies show.  And…and…well…I just don’t like it.

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