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Don’t Let Your Badness Stop Your Goodness and Make You Lose Your Happiness

As I sat in the pew last Friday, attending my second funeral in as many months, I reflected on how final death was.  It was the funeral of a close family friend, she was only 46.  The celebration ran long as there were a total of 10 speakers, each sharing stories of the awesome person whose ashes lay before me.  Gone too soon.

I thought of how we sometimes live our lives as though we have a lot of years ahead of us.  Even though we greet each other at funerals with the same, “Oh life is so short, let’s not meet like this anymore.” that sentiment is usually forgotten before we are even done gorging on the funeral food.

Life is indeed too short and even though we have all these memes and sayings that remind us not to worry or sweat the small stuff, it’s all just hogwash.  We worry about past mistakes and screw-ups wasting valuable time regretting what we did to our best friends, our families and ourselves.  What we did in Vegas that stayed in Vegas…  The time we got drunk and experimented with drugs… Sometimes we even worry about the good things we did!  We spoke the truth and it resulted in us being alienated by family and friends, so we worry and stress about that too!

Last time I checked, worrying never fixed or changed anything.  Wishing you could turn back time is not going to change what happened.  So you did something bad stuff, who hasn’t?   Life is an ongoing lesson.  We never stop learning until we die, so learn from what you did.

Maybe you never intended to egg your neighbor’s house as you are a nice person.  You are anti-drugs but you did it anyways the night you got wasted.  What would your friends and family think if they only knew?  Maybe the same thing you would think if you only knew what they did. What you did is done so you might as well add it to your unplanned/accidental bucket list and scratch it off.  The thing is, a person’s worth is not judged by what they did but who they are.  I have seen pastors who were once incarcerated. Lives turned around for the better.  Don’t worry about your past, worry about your present. Did you learn from it?  Are you a better person because of it?  Then you are a success, not a failure.

As you lay dying, the only worry you should have is if your family would be ok.  Anything else is a waste of RAM.




Beirut and Baghdad, The Ugly Step-Sisters

I love Paris. I have never been there but the name drips romance. A Paris vacation with that special someone?  Romantic.  Yes, Paris is Love.  How about Baghdad?    What I know about this place is gleaned from news about terror and the war on Saddam Hussein and his phantom weapons of mass destruction.  Baghdad conjures up images of smoking bomb craters, dead bodies and death lurking around every corner. A lovers’ utopia? Not unless you are Romeo and Juliet.  How about Beirut?  Where’s that? Baghdad?  Same images apply.  Bombings, Lebanon, Wars…Death lurks.

Beirut bombings

On Friday, November 13th, Within hours of each other, innocent civilians were murdered by ISIS terror group.  A suicide bombing at a memorial service and a road blast killed at least 47 people in Baghdad while coordinated attacks in different areas of Paris took the lives of 129 innocent civilians.  A day earlier, a pair of suicide blasts in Beirut killed 43 people and wounded close to 250. Except for Paris, you would be lucky to have heard anything about the other two. As they say, if a bomb falls in Baghdad or Beirut, does anyone hear it? Only the people who live there.

But there’s just something about Paris.  Something different.  Beirut and Baghdad are known for this type of violence, even though Beirut has been relatively safe for the last few years or so.  Paris is not a war zone.  Paris is Love.  And that’s why you probably didn’t hear of the same atrocities being carried out in Baghdad or Beirut at almost the same time.  There was no pledge by the Government to seek out and destroy the perpetrators in these countries.  The newspapers didn’t scream, “The World Mourns For Beirut/Baghdad”, of course not!  That would sound absurd.   But Paris…oui! oui! that’s a different story.

On Friday night, Iconic monuments in London, the USA, Canada and elsewhere around the world were lit up with the colors of France’s flag.  Facebook offered users the option to superimposed the red, white and blue over the profile photo, many did, in global solidarity for the fallen French.  A slap in the face to the other countries who were just not ‘pretty’ enough.  I imagine how they must feel to see us crying for Paris while ignoring their plight. The ugly step-sisters.

I know we are numbed to violence in places that are a hotbed for terrorists.  After the hundredth suicide bombings, we tuned out. Or should I say, our news agencies tune out.  Moving on the better things, like Paris, but we shouldn’t.

Remember, they are people too, killed by the same enemy.  In death they are united so let’s mourn for them all.








OMG! They Killed Cecil! And A Lion Too!

My favorite animal has always been the lion.  So regal, so strong and fierce.  King of the jungle, uncontested.  I have a lion as my computer background and hanging on my walls. Maybe it’s the leo in me.  Even with that, I still could not conjure up nothing more than disgust at the wanton killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe.  Yes, I agree with the masses that it was callous, selfish, immature and criminal but after that, I shrug and moved on to bigger and more pressing things.  Know why?  Because at the end of the day, it is still a lion.  Innocent and all but a lion nevertheless.

God entrusted the care of animals to us.  He also entrusted us to care for our fellow humans.  Sometimes we forgo the care of our brothers in our zeal to care for the animals, fighting for animal rights while human rights are neglected.  In Zimbabwe, the current regime violates the rights of its people daily but it took the killing of one lion to get our attention focused on that forgotten part of the world. What happens in Africa stays in Africa unless it’s the killing of Cecil.

To put this whole fiasco in perspective, while we North Americans and around the globe are protesting and demonstrating, calling for the head of the dentist perp, Zimbabweans barely even register a ripple.  Many were oblivious of the attention their country was getting over the killing of the big cat.  “What? you mean all this is over the killing of a lion?” Said one incredulous Zimbabwean when told about the viral report of Cecil’s demise.  Shocked probably that the world stopped and paid attention to their country over a lion’s death but are unfazed over the escalating murder of its people.

The people of Zimbabwe have bigger issues to deal with. Apparently, we don’t. Here are a few to chew on:  Boko Haram kidnaps school children regularly to use as sex slaves or child laborers.  Just a few days ago, he and his militants slit the throats of 40 Christian fishermen.  Where is the international outcry?  Starvation kills countless daily around the world and especially Africa, raise your placards demanding we do more to fight this.  School shootings, missing women, so many issues worthy of our attention…While Cecil’s death is now viral news, it never even made the front page in Zimbabwe.  They are more concerned with their countries escalating human rights violations.  I am not condoning this evil but simply putting it in perspective.

Know why Dr. Palmer killed the lion? Because he was bored. Know why we care so much?  Because we are bored. Or too scared to face our own bigger issues.  Instead we blow up petty stuff like Bruce changing into Caitlyn.  To divert our attention from the bigger picture, we focus on the smaller picture.  Unfortunately, that won’t make it go away.  Cecils with human faces are dying.  Innocent HUMANS.  Protest that!

Just My Take.


Protesters hold signs during a rally outside the River Bluff Dental clinic against the killing of a famous lion in Zimbabwe, in Bloomington, Minnesota July 29, 2015. REUTERS/Eric Miller


A Death Is A Death, Or Is It?

Many lives were lost last week.  Some died peacefully of natural causes, others accidentally and some due to various illnesses.  It’s just the natural cycle. We live, we die.  But what about those who die as victims of madmen or men who in their warped minds, murder in the name of their Gods? Or in the name of Justice? Or revenge? Or their own idiotic and personal agenda? It’s still a death.

The news was saturated during the week with discussions and updates on the attack in Paris that left about 20 people dead. It was appalling. It was Paris.  Yes, that Paris. How could this happen? Were they real terrorists or just wannabes hiding behind their madness by claiming to be?  Who cares? People died.  But yet, they were still just deaths, like all the others who died that week.  God Bless Their Souls.

Also last week, Boko Aram, now that’s a real Islamist terrorist, conducted a massacre in a Nigerian city that may have taken the lives of as many as 2000 civilians! Did you hear that? Two Thousand Civilians! Most likely you didn’t hear about this one because it wasn’t Paris and it was old news.  You can still read it hereThey kill each other in those parts anyways, they are like savages, who cares? I do.  The death toll dwarfed Paris’ but still it wasn’t on the same scale.  Paris vs Nigeria? No contest.

A death is a death no matter where, how and when. How could they have missed reporting this mass murder? Two thousand versus twenty, including the killers. Remember, a death is a death…

My Take.

Note:  Thoughts and prayers to the victims of this madness that is sweeping the globe. God Bless Us All.

Frank Friday: How About That Other Guy?

Just over a week ago a terrible tragedy took place in Canada, a normally peaceful and relatively quiet country was rocked by an act of terror.  No, I’m not talking about the Ottawa shooting.  I am talking about the soldiers who were ran over by a suspected Islamist radical. One soldier unfortunately did not survive his injuries.  53 year-old Patrice Vincent, a 28-year veteran was that soldier.  His records show that he served in various capacity with the Canadian forces with distinction. A brave soldier fallen by a cowardly act of terror.  You may or may not have heard of him.

Two days later, a crazed gunman shot and killed a young handsome soldier as he stood guarding a memorial. His name you might have heard was Nathan Cirillo.  The country was in mourning for Nathan, overshadowing what occurred a few days earlier. What was also lost was the madman’s rampage was stopped by Sergeant-at-arms, 58 year-old Kevin Vickers.  My apologies if you also did not hear about this.

Queen Elizabeth also sent her condolences over the death of Nathan Cirillo. She forgot that other guy.  Equally dead. Equally murdered. Equally a brave man. Why the discrepancy?  Is there one?  You tell me…Maybe it’s just all in my head and it’s all just My Take.

Note:  As of this draft, it was announced that Prince Charles has made a ‘substantial’ donation of equal amount to the families of both soldiers. Good on you, Charlie boy!

I Don’t Care Who Started It. Stop!

A week ago, Israel’s errant, or were they errant? bombs hit a school in the Gaza.  Inside were innocent men, women and children.  Sixteen of them perished and over one hundred and fifty were injured.  Israel immediately blamed Hamas for using the civilians as human shields and to hide weapons.  So far in this one-sided affair that is reminiscent of the biblical story of David and Goliath, almost one thousand Palestinians have been killed.  Most of them, innocent civilians. Many of them, children.  Why?  Call it what you may but to me, it’s genocide.

I am not anti-semitic or a Hamas sympathizer.   I am not taking side, just appealing for cooler heads to prevail or for the European Union and the world to do something other than look on while Israel rain down carnage on civilians.  Denounce it! Protest it! Countries have been invaded and bombed for less.  Some based on ‘suspicions’ alone.  This is not a suspicion, this is visible for all to see.  Who cares about weapons of mass destruction when a country is killing a mass of innocent people? That’s mass destruction right there.

And that’s my rant and also My Take.

Today, it was great to read that not all Jews were in favor of Israel’s slaughtering innocent people in the Gaza. Here.  I quote below:

“Demonstrators marched in silence through Midtown Manhattan on Thursday to protest the latest escalation of violence between Israel and the Palestinians.

The protesters denounced Israel’s use of force that has killed more than 1,410 Palestinians and wounded nearly 7,000, according to Gaza officials.

Demonstrators from various groups came together. Some wore white face masks, most wore black shirts and held signs reading “War Crimes”, “End the Siege on Gaza” and “We Will Not Be Silent” among others.

According to organizers, the demonstrators wore black and marched in silence to honor all of those in Gaza who have been killed by Israeli shelling.

The “march of the dead” ended at the Israeli Consulate.

“The protest today is a follow up on many demonstrations taking place in the last two or three weeks in regards to what is happening in Gaza. As Jewish people joining these pro-Palestinian demonstrations, we say that all of what’s happening in Palestine – the actions of the state of Israel against the Palestinian people, now or going back decades, this entire occupation and oppression – this is not supported by all Jews and certainty not condoned by Jewish religion,” said Rabbi Dovid Feldman from Neturei Karta International, Jews United Against Zionism.

“This is sad. This is a catastrophe to us, all peoples and we hope that this will stop,” he added.

Tzvia said, “Hundreds of children are killed. Where is U.N.? Where are the people in America? Where are the enlightened countries? Where are they?”

“I’m terribly upset and terribly angry at what Israel is doing. They are murdering people in my name as a Jew and I’m paying for it,” said Fran Korotzer referring to the U.S. tax dollars spent to support Israel.

On July 8, Israel launched its offensive after rocket fire from Gaza intensified.

Fifty-six Israeli soldiers have been killed in Gaza clashes and more than 400 wounded. Three civilians have been killed by Palestinian shelling in Israel.”





Execution Of The Innocents

Two stories this week provided good reasons why the practice of executing prisoners should be abolished.  I have always been outspokenly against this barbaric act that goes against every progress humanity has made.  If hitting our kids for hitting other teaches them to be violent, what does killing people for killing another teach?

On Tuesday,  death row inmate Clayton Lockett was injected a cocktail of drugs to put him to sleep.  Almost fifteen minutes later, the should-be- dead man lifted his head and started mumbling.  The execution was halted for obvious humanitarian reasons but the guy died of a heart attack forty minutes later.  Cruel? You think?  But who cares, right? We are talking about inmates here.  Who cares how they die?  As long as they die like their victims died.  You can read about that story here.

A recent research released this week also found that ‘Hundreds of inmates in the US sentenced to death are innocent’.  No surprised there.  Which also raises the question of how many of those innocent inmates are actually executed?  And that’s just the USA!  But again, who really gives much credence to this anyways?  So what if a few are innocent?  Luck of the draw.





Only 3 Dead In Iraq Bombing?

pearl-harbor-newspaperLast week I had the sudden realization that I was losing my sensitivity.  Not alarmingly but enough to blog about it.  What made me come to this conclusion?  Well I was listening to the news, the news junkie that I am, and they were reporting the regular stuff.  Bombings in Iraq and Afghanistan, violence in Syria…I found myself waiting to hear what the death toll was and when it was mentioned that one or two people died, I unconsciously breathed a sigh of relief.  Only one dead, that’s not too serious.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am still sensitive enough to know that for that one dead person’s family, this is the biggest of the big things, even though to me it barely register as news worthy.  You see, I am becoming desensitized.  Not a good thing but it’s created by my over exposure to violence on the news.

Every day the news gets starker.  “Man killed and ate victims” “Bombings in Iraq kills hundreds” “Teen stabs five to death” and so it goes on.  Punctuating this with “Man killed by bus while walking” dims the impact of this tragedy.  It just doesn’t elicit the same mental response.   Is it tragic on the same scale?  Of course it is.  Every life cut short by misfortune is just as tragic as the other.  Unfortunately, the significance becomes lost after prolonged exposure to the ‘big ones’.   “300 missing when  ship capsized” sure gets my attention faster than “2 missing when fishing boat flips”.

I predict that soon we would be able to ignore the small instances of crimes taking place in plain view.  Rape, murder, theft, etc.  Oh, wait a minute!  We already are.  Or at least that’s…MY TAKE

No Grace, No Compassion

thWinnipeg’s Grace Hospital sounds like a place where you would like to go if you took ill, doesn’t it?  I mean, they wouldn’t name it ‘Grace’ if they did not at least try to live up to the name now would they?  Well if you have been keeping abreast of the news, grace doesn’t seem like something this hospital serves up.  At least not lately.

On December 30th, a 78 year old man was dishonorably discharged from the hospital and sent home by a cab after doctors proclaimed him fit enough to go and not ill enough to occupy their beds.  They thought he was so healthy that they did not think twice of sending him home in a cab still wearing his slippers and gown.  It didn’t matter that it was -38 degrees outside.  After all Winnipeggers are tough. Turns out that the elderly gentleman wasn’t that tough after all or sicker than the doctor thought.  Good thing cabbies always make sure their fares get inside their house before driving away.  Oh wait a minute, they don’t.  The cab door was barely closed before the cabbie drove away, leaving the scantily clad man to walk to his door alone.  He never made it inside, dying on his doorsteps.  To make it worse, he wasn’t found until the next day.

Within a day or so, another patient, same hospital, same process, same outcome.  Without Grace. Again, the cabbie was not around to see them safely inside on a cold night in Winterpeg.  Of course not. Not when the threat of losing their place in queue was at a risk.  Forget compassion.  This second patient never made it to a warm building.  Dying on the sidewalk.

Almost a year to the day, at another Winnipeg hospital, a discharged patient also collapsed and died on her doorstep.  She was not deemed ill enough to stay at Seven Oaks General Hospital.  Now while all fingers are pointed at these hospitals and rightfully so, I have to question the selfish and less than humane acts of the cabbies who dropped these people off without even a backward glance.  Who leaves a scantily clad old man outside in -38 weather without making sure they make it inside safely?  In fact, who lets out an elderly person from their vehicle without assisting them to their doors?

The cab drivers are just as guilty as the hospitals for failing to provide basic care.

Click on links below to read complete story.

Man dies on porch after release from hospital

2 Winnipeg patients die on doorsteps after being discharged

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Allah says decapitate, mutilate but no cannibalism

imagesIn case you didn’t know this, there is a bloody, very bloody, insurgence going on in northeastern Nigeria.  The extremist leader, who just happens to also be Islāmic, has claimed responsibility for the atrocities perpetrated there.  According to him, Allah said that it was ok to decapitate and mutilate BUT not cannibalize.  Hence the reason for not eating the victims. Phew!  Thank you Allah!  Let them chop my head off and cut me up but please don’t let them eat me!

So when exactly did this Allah talk to this fella and instructed him how to terrorize and victimize innocent people?  Decapitating and mutilating someone is so much cooler and more acceptable than feeding on their flesh, isn’t it?  Pardon me if I misuse my opinion but if Allah really told this madman that mutilation and decapitation was ok, then this particular Allah of whom he speaks is just an extremist himself.  But being of sound mind, I would err on the side of sensibility and say that the guy was doing what many Islāmic extremists do, blame their heinous crimes on Allah.  Allah made them do it.

In the name of Allah, stop!


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