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Ever wished you were living in your parents basement?

imagesCome on! Don’t tell me you never had that thought at least once.  I have.  It’s not as if you felt like being a loser living in your parents house like a parasite.  I am talking about those times when you are neck deep in adult responsibilities.  Kids, work, mortgage, etc.  For some, you could even toss in marriage into that mix.  Some days when the boss is driving you nuts at work, you probably think, oh if only I was still living at my parents I’d tell him where he could stick his project.  But of course you are not and you really don’t want to.  At least some of us don’t.

How about when it’s hard to get up on a cold, very cold, morning?  You think about calling in sick but then realize the bills have to be paid and the family fed.  Oh man, if only I lived with mom and dad, there’s no way I’d be going in today.  It’s fun to think it as long as you don’t make it a reality.

Enjoy the weekend and remember, living with your parents to escape reality is for losers.  Just my take.


Are You Ready For The Real World, Son?

de1be3b799ff48697b4aa48295b59977Hey you!  Yeah you there with the skateboard under your arm, the headphones in your ear and the backwards cap.  How old are you, son, sixteen?  You should be in school, it’s only 2pm.  Oh, you have a spare?  Nice!  Take those headphones out of your ears and let’s talk for a little bit.  I know you would probably rather we text but let’s kick it old school.

Now son, do you know what you want to be when you grow up?  Not yet?  Why not?  I am not saying you are a loser but there are kids your age already making big dollars.  They are entrepreneurs.  They know what they want.  Son, it’s a dog eat dog world out there and only the strong will survive.  There isn’t an app for it.  You sink or you float.  Are you prepared?  In the real world, they play for keeps.  They keep track of the score and there IS a goalie.  Someone will try to keep you from scoring.  Out there, you pass or fail, no making up grades.  No remedial classes.  You don’t get to pick your team, the team picks you.  Son, are you feeling me?

You hate your parents for giving you rules to follow. Telling you to stay in school, go to bed, come home early. Well in the real world, you have to do those things to survive.  Skating and listening to music is all fine and dandy  but son, you have to be ready for the real world too.  It’s gonna creep up on you man and like Hulk Hogan used to say, “Whatcha gonna do, Brother?”

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