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A Thought

Think on this:

If today is the best day of your life, it won’t last. Tonight might be an inch short of hopeless; it won’t last either. Whatever has brought you to this moment is only part of the story of your life and relationship. The rest is yet to come. Put all of it—dark thorns and shining threads—into God’s hands, and he will sustain you.


Say A Prayer Then Do Something

There’s a joke about a woman who prayed every day to win the lottery.  One day while praying hard and telling God how she’s at the end of her financial rope, a voice was heard from Heaven, “Work with me here, first buy a lottery ticket!”

That’s the mentality of many of us Christians, myself included.  We pray for everyone and everything but do nothing further.  A friend on Facebook announces that they have cancer and our statuses send up prayers.  Earthquake devastates a country and our prayers are with the victims.  How many of us, again myself included, are quick to jump when these victims are asking for money or material help? All of a sudden we are MIA.

Prayers are good. We need to pray.  We also need to spring into action.  Telling a starving beggar you would pray for him does not feed him. Give him bread and then pray that he finds food or that someone else would also give him bread.

Praying is good. Very good. But sitting at home praying for a job won’t get you the job unless you send out some applications.

Just my take!

Unplugging From God

Last night I felt too hot to be comfortable so I got up in the middle of the night and opened the window, letting in some much-needed cool air.  My wife awoke to my rustling and warned me that it wasn’t a good idea as it would get extremely cold in the room.  I didn’t listen.

It didn’t take long for my wife’s words to prove prophetic.  I tried to hide under the blanket and the sheet to get warm.  The thought of getting up and closing the window crossed my mind but the idea of getting out from the covers was not appealing. My face was cold and so were my fingers and toes but I couldn’t risk a total body chill so I chose to stew in my own stupidity.

While I lay there fighting against the smart thing to do, which would have been to get up and close the window, I thought to myself that what I did was like unplugging a heater that was keeping a room warm.  Then I drew a parallel.  Unplugging the heater was like unplugging from God.  We are warm when we are plugged into him but sometimes we feel like it is not comfortable enough.  We want it our way.  So we unplug.  We live with the consequences of unplugging, coldness, distant, lost…We try to cope by seeking comfort elsewhere or by other quick-fix means other than just re-plugging in, even though our families and friends urge us to just plug back in.

Stay warm, stay plugged in.


God vs The Rainbow

Older LGBT Community

Older LGBT Community (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently in Calgary Alberta, Canada, a city transit driver was taken to task for refusing to drive a bus that was draped in the rainbow colors supporting the gays and lesbian pride festival.  He cited that it went against his Christian beliefs.  Fair enough.  Last time I checked one cannot be forced to do work that contravenes their beliefs.  We live in an accepting society, right? We accommodate.  He doesn’t feel right driving the bus, we get him a non-pride bus and get another guy to take the wheel, right? No biggie.  Everyone’s happy.

In Dallas, the police have taken to putting decals on their cars with the words, “In God We Trust”.  Apparently this is in response to escalating violence against cops.  You guessed it, they are being taken to task for promoting God.  How dare them put a religious decal on their cars?

So the impression I’m getting here is that it is becoming more acceptable to advertise homosexuality than it is to advertise God.   If God was painted on that bus, it would have been acceptable for the bus driver to refuse to drive it.  In fact, he would have been encouraged to do so.  How do we then explain this double standard?  This hypocrisy?

I want to advertise my God, you want to advertise your sexual orientation.  The stage is big enough so can’t we all just get along?


In God We Trust, He made the rainbow.


Finding Happiness


Happiness (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happiness is perhaps one of the most debated topics.  A quick visit on the web and you will be bombarded with ads that offer inspirations or blogs on how to find the elusive happiness.  How To Be Happy, What Is Happiness? The Happiest City to live.   Many hit songs and movies are centered around the subject. Happiness.

In this soup mix of life, happiness seems to be the base.  It is our raison d’etre or the bane of our existence.  No matter who you are and what you do, your main quest is happiness.  Even the cold-blooded murderer seeks happiness.  Unfortunately, bringing harm to others would not bring you real happiness. Happiness is also subjective, meaning it is relative to the individual.  What makes me happy does not necessarily make you feel the same. On the flipside though, making someone happy could also make you happy.  How easy is that?  That’s what I would call true happiness.

Even though it is unanimous that we are all in the same hunt for happiness, many of us are so caught up just fighting to merely exist that happiness becomes an afterthought.  A luxury only the lucky few could afford.  We seek things that either give us a false sense of happiness or a temporary happiness-fix.    I am going to make lots and lots of money, I might not be happy but I will be rich.  If I do find happiness, then bonus!  The majority of us are in jobs that give us no sense of happiness but they pay the bills.  We spend our entire lives in this situation.  Money does not equate to happiness, just ask anyone who has won the lottery.  Some even wished they had never won.

We sometimes envy celebrities and the lives they live.  They seem so happy and why shouldn’t they?  They have everything.  Well, except true happiness.  The happiness of going for a walk without having cameramen jumping out of bushes.  Walking into a local grocery store or shopping at the mall without wearing a mask…who should envy who?

Happiness is elusive but only because we make it so.  It’s actually simpler than we think.  It’s a smile, a song, a hug or making someone’s day.  Things that money can’t buy.  Then why can’t we find it?  One reason is that we really do not know what happiness is.   We seek to have the happiness of others.  We want what we think makes those people happy.  Sometimes when we stumble upon happiness, we dismiss it.  It’s too easy.  I don’t deserve this.  Why am I happy?  Another reason is that we seek to be selfishly happy. It’s been proven that making others happy brings us happiness but who really wants to make others happy? What if we make them happy but do not get any happiness out of it?

Happiness is there for the taking, barely elusive.  So how do we find it? By realizing it is not lost in the first place.  Don’t over-think it, just be happy.

My Take


Find HIM Not IT

It suddenly occurred to me that one of the main reasons why there are so many religious fanatics and religion-based wars is because people have been finding religion rather than finding GOD.  But again, that’s just

My Take…

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yes, Christmas is tomorrow, at least in our part of the world. It’s a very important time of the year for Christians and non-Christians alike.  Why? Because it’s all about family and friends getting together. Who doesn’t like that?  So whether you call it ‘Holiday’ or ‘Christmas’, I am not going to debate the science of it but would like to extend my warmest best wishes to all at this time.  May peace reign on you on Christmas and always.

To all my fellow Christians, I wish that the meaning of Christmas would not be lost as we celebrate with friends and family.  Let’s keep ‘Christ’ in ‘Christmas’ and remember the reason for the season.

Merry Christmas to all!

Christmas Stressing You Out? Then You Are Doing It All Wrong.

Tis the season to be jolly but jolly is the farthest thing away from what I’m seeing on most people at Christmas. Someone obviously forgot to send them the memo.

In the commerce of things, many of us get caught up in the moment and feel that Christmas is all about shopping and buying gifts. We can’t find the right gift so we get stressed out as the day looms closer. No time to buy gifts, no time to wrap them, no time to plan the dinner…stress.

It doesn’t have to be so. Remember, we are celebrating Christ’s birthday. The best gift we can give him is probably slowing down and acknowledging him. But we are so busy we forget whose birthday it is.

While stopped at a light, I saw a man struggling to get a woman up on the median.  She was down on all fours.  Vehicles swerved to avoid her until one finally stopped. Before the light turned green, I saw him leave his vehicle. Good Samaritan.  I would have done the same but I was boxed in the middle lane but would have pulled over further ahead if I didn’t see the Samaritan.

Isn’t that sad? We are so focused on our wrongly-placed sense of doing good that we miss the real chances of doing good. Helping that woman would have been a great gift.

Take a moment to watch this video. These kids are opening shoe boxes collected during the Shoe Box Drive.  This is what Christmas is and should be all about.

So if you are stressed out about what to buy, what to cook and when to clean, stop. You are reading way too much into it. It’s the total opposite of what Christmas is supposed to be.  Yes, it IS about spending.  A lot of spending.  Spending time with family and friends. Its hard to do that when you are running around like a chicken with its neck cut off.

Check out this video of some children in Burundi opening their shoeboxes. Note the excitement! Priceless!


Have a Merry Christmas and for Christ sakes, slow down!


What A Little Prayer Can Do

To the cynic or atheist and even some Christians, the above topic would be met with skepticism. “Oh not one of those again” but I am not one of ‘those’. I only say it if I think it is so. Read on.

I started a new job last week. My last one felt short of not only my expectations but also of what it was advertised. Needless to say I wanted out badly! I prayed and my wife prayed and my little boys prayed. I also applied for jobs. I prayed that God would help me to get the right job.

I got a pre-screening phone call one day and told my wife right after “I got this”. I just had this strong conviction that the job was mine for the taking. Then I was called for an interview. Again I told my wife I was 120% certain I had the job. I don’t know why I felt that way as I am not the most optimistic person.

I had one qualm, the job description sounded a lot like my last two jobs where I had too much on my plate and was overwhelmed. I didn’t want to get back in that situation. Other than that it sounded great!

A second interview followed by a third helped to strengthen my belief that I was indeed destined to get the position. While waiting for the results of my final interview my wife almost derailed my optimism. “Honey, I don’t want you to get depressed if you don’t get the position. You may not get it and I know how pumped you have been.” She meant well but it put some doubts in my mind. My optimism was now locked in a fierce battle with my pessimism.

While waiting, we all prayed. My mom, my wife’s mom and a few friends. We made up a powerful prayer warrior team. Oh, even my neighbour offered up prayers. No wonder I was optimistic. But I was still concerned about the scope of the job. After all I wasn’t a spring chicken anymore and I wanted the next job to be my last. God, please let your will be done.

The call came when I was at the mall. The job was mine! The HR person informed me that they had made some minor changes to the position. After reviewing the position, it was determined that the job was too robust for just one person so they were hiring another person too. Prayers answered!

So you see, I don’t think but know that God speaks to and through me. Oh, and nothing happens before it’s time and what’s for a man he will get it.

Blurred Lines


Pop singer Robin Thicke hates blurred lines, or so he says in his song Blurred Lines.

I know you want it
You’re a good girl
Can’t let it get past me
You’re far from plastic
Talk about getting blasted
I hate these blurred lines

Today more than ever there are many blurred lines. The lines that separates a man from a woman and fact from fiction are blurred, so too are the lines that defines marriage, love and hate, right and wrong, and even Christians and Non-Christians.  It’s predicted that in the far off future, there will only be one race.  We will all merge into one race.  Would right and wrong also merge into just ‘everything is acceptable’?

In Thicke’s song, he tries to override the girl’s ‘no’. Telling her what she is and what she isn’t.

Ok, now he was close
Tried to domesticate you
But you’re an animal
Baby, it’s in your nature
Just let me liberate you

Society is telling us to change the way we used to think and changes our beliefs.  We were wrong and uncivilized back in those days, they say.  We are smarter now and need to change all these old-fashioned rules and beliefs. Praying in school? Get rid of that rubbish! Traditional marriage? Oooh…that’s so ignorant and tramples on the rights of others.  We are much smarter now.  Christianity? All you need to do is believe and you will be saved.

Remember when Christians wore their faith on their sleeves, (Some still do) and you could tell if your neighbors were believers or not? Not anymore. We are merging! We go to the same places, wear the same things, say the same things and do the same things as the non-believers.  Sometimes we even outdo the non-believers!  At their own game! Yes, that includes me, sadly.

No doesn’t mean no anymore, at least if it does, then it’s blurry in translation. No could mean yes and yes mean no.  Love and hate are interchangeable.  Some love to hate while others hate to love.  Is it right or is it wrong?  It depends on who is doing it. A man can become a woman tomorrow or a woman a man, so don’t gettoo comfy. Nothing is really as they seem.

It’s not your glasses, it’s just blurred lines.  And it’s also just…

My Take

Note: Unfortunately for Robin Thicke, there were no blurred lines in his marriage.


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