Memories Of My Centenarian Granny

Note:  Last week, my grandmother hit another milestone.  She tied her own mother in terms of longevity.  I spoke to her for her birthday and she boasted that she is the eyes of her daughter, my aunt Ermine.  “I still does thread the needle my boy.” She related.  “I do the reading for Ermine too […]

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If Only I Had Time

Last Saturday, while making a peanut butter and jam sandwich, I washed the knife after putting it into the peanut butter, something I never do.  I did it because I did not want to get peanut butter in the jam.  It looks gross.  But it’s something I have never done, washing the knife that is.  […]

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Christmas-Induced Writers’ Block

After trying unsuccessfully to compose a few posts, I am giving up.  I just cannot concentrate when there’s so much Christmassy things in the air.  So much Christmassy things to do.  There’s just no room in my head.  I call it Christmas-induced writers’ block. I am graciously accepting defeat and calling it a year.  And […]

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Fun At Fun Zone

On Wednesday, I took this Daddy Day Care thing up a notch.  I went to Fun Zone.  Fun Zone is a drop-in for parents and care givers to bring their pre-school kids.  It is ran in the basement of our church and parents sit around with other parents and engage in adult conversations while their […]

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