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She’s In Love With The Boy, Or Is She?

While at a recent Garth Brooks concert, his wife Trisha Yearwood was singing her hit song, ‘She’s In Love With The Boy’ and as she sang, my mind wandered, as it is wont to do.  It wanders all the time, even while wandering.  It wandered this, “Pretty soon that song won’t be politically correct”.

You are probably going, “Why wouldn’t it be?  What cheap drugs are you on now?” Well think of the way our society is going.  He is she and she is he or both.  Where we once made do  with male and female washrooms for a two-gendered world, we are now adding a third for those not under this umbrella.  The ‘both’ group.  See where I am going with this?  I can’t hear you!

If you are still in a fog, let me aid your defogging.  Gender identity is slowing becoming non-existence or a non-issue. (Too bad I can’t say the same for race).  There’s no longer a clear distinction.  We are slowly dispensing of the systems that identified us as men or women.   Inclusivity is the order of the day.  (I still remember LGBTQ when it was just LG).

Saying all that, it won’t be long before someone asks the question, “Why are all these love songs about a boy and a girl?  What about the gays and lesbians?” Yes, what about them? Why are we eager to change and be more accepting yet it’s still a hidden taboo to sing about a man in a relationship with another man? Or a woman in a relationship with another woman? How come the ‘Kiss Cam’ at sports game never zoom in on an obviously lesbian or gay couple?  Is it that deep down, we really want HER to be in love with the BOY?

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Blurred Lines


Pop singer Robin Thicke hates blurred lines, or so he says in his song Blurred Lines.

I know you want it
You’re a good girl
Can’t let it get past me
You’re far from plastic
Talk about getting blasted
I hate these blurred lines

Today more than ever there are many blurred lines. The lines that separates a man from a woman and fact from fiction are blurred, so too are the lines that defines marriage, love and hate, right and wrong, and even Christians and Non-Christians.  It’s predicted that in the far off future, there will only be one race.  We will all merge into one race.  Would right and wrong also merge into just ‘everything is acceptable’?

In Thicke’s song, he tries to override the girl’s ‘no’. Telling her what she is and what she isn’t.

Ok, now he was close
Tried to domesticate you
But you’re an animal
Baby, it’s in your nature
Just let me liberate you

Society is telling us to change the way we used to think and changes our beliefs.  We were wrong and uncivilized back in those days, they say.  We are smarter now and need to change all these old-fashioned rules and beliefs. Praying in school? Get rid of that rubbish! Traditional marriage? Oooh…that’s so ignorant and tramples on the rights of others.  We are much smarter now.  Christianity? All you need to do is believe and you will be saved.

Remember when Christians wore their faith on their sleeves, (Some still do) and you could tell if your neighbors were believers or not? Not anymore. We are merging! We go to the same places, wear the same things, say the same things and do the same things as the non-believers.  Sometimes we even outdo the non-believers!  At their own game! Yes, that includes me, sadly.

No doesn’t mean no anymore, at least if it does, then it’s blurry in translation. No could mean yes and yes mean no.  Love and hate are interchangeable.  Some love to hate while others hate to love.  Is it right or is it wrong?  It depends on who is doing it. A man can become a woman tomorrow or a woman a man, so don’t gettoo comfy. Nothing is really as they seem.

It’s not your glasses, it’s just blurred lines.  And it’s also just…

My Take

Note: Unfortunately for Robin Thicke, there were no blurred lines in his marriage.


Remember when it was ok for men to ‘man up’?

showimage.phpTrying to get a man to man up these days could land you in hot water for being politically incorrect.  As a youth, I never heard of men chopping off their penises and turning themselves into women.  I was also unaware of the possibility of a woman surgically changing her sex.  Darn was I ever in the dark.

Well it is a fact of life and I might as well get used to it.  I can no longer assume that because a kid is a boy he should be given a toy car or toy gun, or give a doll to a baby girl.  At least it makes it easier for me to buy presents for baby showers.   Here’s a dress for little Johnny.  Gone are those days.  Restaurants get sued for asking parents if they would like a boy or girl toy for their kids.  I am surprised that stores can still have ‘boy’s wear’ and ‘girls’ wear’.  Only a matter of time.  Pretty soon, all the clothes would be lumped  together like a rummage sale.  You buy whatever looks good on you.  Honey, how does this sun dress look on me?

In my not-so-distant day, people never got divorced because the man woke up one morning and decided he would rather be a wife than a husband.   Now it’s not only encouraged but embraced.  Don’t like the sex you were born with? No problem, we’ll gladly do an exchange and you just pay the difference.

A sex change used to mean simply switching sexual positions but no more.  Jack and Jill went up the hill but Jill came down as Jack and Jack cames as Jill, and no one noticed or cared.  Accept them for who they are, they said.

Remember when expectant couples would wish for a boy or a girl?  Now who cares? If it’s a boy, he or she could easily be turned him into a boy or girl on the whim of their parents.   See? No need to pay to find out the sex.  The baby is going to be what you want him to be.

What an awesome world we live in.  Forget the ‘Male and female created he’.  It’s recreation time!  And you sir, ma’am, thing, do you mind if I hold your little boy, girl, it?  What?  You won’t just because I’m wearing my wife’s panties?  But it’s in-thing.  It’s acceptable now, remember?  And we worry about Zombie apocalypse…

But wait, what goes around comes around and what was in style back then is all coming back in style, so maybe there’s hope.  Maybe one day someone would man up and say hey mister, why is your little boy dressed like girl and why are you wearing women’s undies?


My Take

Not With Gay Marriage

English: This protester was on his own and let...

English: This protester was on his own and letting Minnesota state Senators know his position on gay marriage. This is freedom of speech in action. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Celebrities and professional athletes have been known to open their mouths before their brains were in gear.  Most often than not.  Causing collateral damage that their publicists have had to clean up.   Because of this, when I read the headlines, ‘Adrian Peterson Is Against Gay Marriage’  I could be excused for thinking,  uh huh, here comes another athlete speaking out against gay marriage and probably saying the wrong things that he has to apologise for later.

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the way Adrian Peterson candidly and honestly stated his opinion.  He did not judge or question the legality of gay marriage, but just eloquently stated his beliefs.  To add to it, he let it be known that he had family who were gay and who he loved.   Adrian is also best friends of gay marriage advocate and former teammate Chris Kluwe.  I take it they both respect each other’s opinion without letting it affect their friendship.

And this is how opinions should be shared and embraced.  Without fuss, fight or apology.  No hate, no judgement.  For the records, I, like Adrian, am ‘not with’ gay marriage and that’s just my take, which in this case is not debatable.

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US Pastors lead open season on gays

In a rant delivered just days after President Barack Obama’s historic public support for same-sex marriage, the pastor, Charles L. Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in Maiden, N.C., suggested rounding up all “queers and homosexuals” and quarantining them inside an electric fence.

“I figured a way to get rid of all the lesbians and queers,” Worley told churchgoers on May 13. “Build a great big large fence—50 or 100 miles long—put all the lesbians in there. Fly over and drop some food. Do the same thing for the queers and the homosexuals and have that fence electrified so they can’t get out. And you know what, in a few years, they’ll die out. Do you know why? They can’t reproduce!”

“It makes me pukin’ sick to think about,” Worley added. “Can you imagine kissing some man?”

Worley’s comments—while shocking—are sadly not uncommon for pastors in North Carolina, a state that voted overwhelmingly in favor of a constitutional amendment defining marriage “as solely between a man and a woman.”

Earlier this month, Ron Baity, founding pastor of Winston-Salem’s Berean Baptist Church and leader of Return America, said gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people should be prosecuted.

“For 300 years, we had laws that would prosecute that lifestyle,” Baity said. “We’ve gone down the wrong path.”

Before the state’s vote, Pastor Sean Harris of the Berean Baptist Church in Fayetteville instructed parents to use force if their kids start acting gay:

So your little son starts to act a little girlish when he is four years old and instead of squashing that like a cockroach and saying, ‘Man up, son, get that dress off you and get outside and dig a ditch, because that is what boys do,’ you get out the camera and you start taking pictures of Johnny acting like a female and then you upload it to YouTube and everybody laughs about it and the next thing you know, this dude, this kid is acting out childhood fantasies that should have been squashed. Can I make it any clearer? Dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, you walk over there and crack that wrist. Man up. Give him a good punch. OK?

My Take:  On behalf of real Christians who worship a forgiving and accepting God, I apologize for these ignorant war crusaders and their hate mongering.  They falsely claim to be Christians but practice hate and intolerance.  Their sentiments do not in any way reflect those of us true believers.

US Men arrested on gay cruise in the Caribbean

Caribbean sea

Welcome to the islands, Mon

In most, if not all, the Caribbean Islands, homosexuality is outlawed.  Making it a destination on a gay cruise is like a mouse attending feline party.   So what was this gay cruise doing docking on the island of Dominica, a Caribbean Island?  And what were these two men thinking? Obviously their top heads were not being used in this process.  

Anyways, I just found it an interested read this morning that I had to share with you.  Here is the original story.

2 US men arrested on gay cruise in Caribbean

Associated PressBy CARLISLE JNO BAPTISTE | Associated Press – 8 hrs ago


ROSEAU, Dominica (AP) — Two California men on a gay cruise of the Caribbean were arrested Wednesday in Dominica, where sex between two men is illegal.

Police Constable John George said police boarded the cruise ship and arrested the two men on suspicion of indecent exposure and “buggery,” a term equivalent to sodomy on the island. He identified the men as John Robert Hart, 41, and Dennis Jay Mayer, 43, but did not provide their hometowns.

George said the men were seen having sex on the Celebrity Summit cruise ship by someone on the dock.

The two were later charged with indecent exposure and are scheduled to appear before a magistrate Thursday morning. If found guilty, they could be fined $370 each and face up to six months in jail.

The ship carrying about 2,000 passengers departed Puerto Rico on Saturday and arrived in Dominica on Wednesday. It departed for St. Barts without the men, who are being held in a cell at police headquarters in the capital of Roseau.

The cruise was organized by Atlantis Events, a Southern California company that specializes in gay travel.

President Rich Campbell, who is aboard the cruise, said in a phone interview earlier that he thought the two men would be released. He later said in an email that the company has organized many trips to Dominica and would “happily return.”

“Many countries and municipalities that gay men visit and live in have antiquated laws on their books,” he said. “These statutes don’t pose a concern to us in planning a tourist visit.”

Campbell said he expects the two men to be released on Thursday and that they only face misdemeanor charges.

“The guests actions were unfortunate but minor in this case and have no bearing on our overall guest experience,” he said via email.

The pastor of Dominica’s Trinity Baptist Church, Randy Rodney, praised the police for their intervention.

“I am very pleased that the police were called in and have arrested the people in question. I have warned about gay tourism and its implications for Dominica,” said Rodney, who is a vocal critic of homosexuality and lesbianism.

The presence of gay cruises in the Caribbean has riled several conservative islands including Jamaica and Grenada, where anti-sodomy laws are enforced with strong backing from religious groups.

According to, no gay cruise lines sail to Jamaica or Barbados for fear of homophobia and possible violence. It said other places like the U.S. Virgin Islands welcome gay cruises.

In 2010, the Cayman Islands rejected the arrival of an Atlantis gay cruise amid protests from religious groups even though homosexuality is legal on the archipelago.

Don Weiner, a spokesman for Atlantic Events, referred all questions to Campbell, including why the company organized a trip to Dominica and whether it knew about the island’s anti-sodomy laws.

Elizabeth Jakeway, a spokeswoman for Celebrity Cruises, referred all questions to Atlantis.

The last time authorities in the Caribbean intervened on a gay cruise was in February 2011, when agents with U.S. Customs and Border Protection arrested a California man aboard the Allure of the Seas, which had docked in St. Thomas. The man, Steven Barry Krumholz of West Hollywood, pleaded guilty to selling ecstasy, methamphetamine and ketamine to fellow passengers.


Associated Press writers Danica Coto and Ben Fox in San Juan, Puerto Rico contributed.

My take, check it out before you whip it out

Say what you think.

As an opinionated person, I like opinionated people.  I find it refreshing when someone speak their mind on a given subject, be it religion, homosexuality, politics or whatever.  Maybe it’s the fact that I think people like this are usually more trustworthy.  As long as you can convey your opinions without anger or physical confrontation, you are alright in my books. Even though many a fight has been caused by differing opinions, the audacity and balls it takes to share your take is commendable. Here’s an example with actor Kirk Cameron wading into deep and murky waters to hold steadfast to his beliefs.  Good for you, big guy!

Note that we may bash the guy from stating his opinion but what right do we have to do so? What makes us right and him wrong or vice versa?

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