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Viral Stupidity. How bout dah?

Image result for cash me outside how bow dahRemember the ‘Cash Me Ousside ‘ girl?  Yup, the 13-year old who disrespected her mom,stole her credit cards and dropped out of school in grade 7.   You probably saw her on Dr. Phil also.  Maybe you thought “What a disaster!  She would never amount to to much.”   Yes, I thought so too.  Heck, I even used her as a teaching moment for my own kids.  You better be nice and stay in school or you boys would never get anywhere in life.  Man were we ever wrong.  She amounted to much and is amounting to much more.

So much for that.  I had not taken into consideration that this was the United States of America, where fame and fortune are always just one viral post away.  It doesn’t matter what you did, legal or illegal, if it goes viral, then get ready to cash out, how bout dah?

And so it happened with this obnoxious and rude teen, Danielle Bregoli.  She became a ‘viral sensation’ with over 8 million Instagram followers!  Her appearances are worth upwards of $40,000 and she even stars in commercials! A celebrity! A success story!  Who needs school and manners?  She is projected to be a Millionaire by the end of 2017!  What a sweet story of a hard working girl.

Seriously America, it’s time to wake up!  You are creating idols and role models out of those who least deserve it.   Turning a 13-year old, Grade 7 dropout into a celebrity?  Rewarding her for being a brat?  What would you do next?  Make a President out of a… um, nevermind.

Just My Take…


On Fat Shaming

michael-buble-instagram-fat-shameThere has been a lot of discussion on the issue of fat shaming lately, with stars from Kelly Clarkson to Pink being targeted by ‘fat shamers’. What’s that you asked? Well Fat Shaming is basically the act of poking fun of someone who you think is overweight.  Noticed I wrote ‘think’ in italics? It’s because it is usually the opinion of the shamer.

Last week, Canadian nice guy Michael Buble got the social media world in a frenzy when he posted a selfie of himself.  Nothing wrong that except the photo had a woman in the background wearing short shorts.  Buble posted the photo on the Instagram with hashtags, #babygotback, #myhumps and #hungryshorts.  Adjectives you can hear any time and any day on your local radio station.  Maybe it’s me as I’m a bit slow on the uptake sometimes but I fail to see where that could be fat shaming.  The woman in the photo had nothing to be ashamed of.  Maybe mad as hell that someone she didn’t give permission to posted a photo of her on social media.  Did I mention that he also had the hashtag #beautifulbum?  Not #fatbum.

Fat shaming is a form of bullying and so can be very traumatic, especially when the victim is vulnerable.  Although some of us could do with a wake-up call or a gentle nudge that we need to smarten up and go easy on the coke and chips, no one has that right to try to shame us into it.  if we are the architect of our own fatness by the way we live, we might need our friends to step up and tell us exactly what they think in a constructive criticism kind of way.  The last thing we need is a fake friend to tell us how great we look while we put on the Macdonald’s pounds.  There are diplomatic ways of saying things.  I once thought I was at an ideal weight until my Wii Fit Fat Shamed me by announcing that I was overweight!  The nerve! I wasn’t mad though, I took the constructive criticism in a positive light and shaped up.

There are a couple lessons to be learned here.  Do not post people photos without their permission and do not take everything so personal.  Growing up in the Caribbean, it was considered healthy to have some meat on your bones.  I was skinny shamed, called names that made me feel I was starving Ethiopian kid.  So know yourself, love yourself. If someone try to fat shame you, look in the mirror and see if you like what you see. If you do, shame on them. If you don’t, fix it. Remember, people will talk about you no matter what you look like.  So it’s up to you to like how you look.  If you are unsure, see Pink’s response to fat shamers. Here.

My rant:  We created this stupid vicious cycle with our ill-placed obsession with physical appearance then get offended when the very weapon we create is used against us.  We feast on shows and songs that promote certain body types and looks, yet act shocked when it comes home to roost.  Tut tut! Until we can evolve into a better race of people with a grasp on how to co-exist, fat shaming, bullying, racism etc., will be forever with us.

Buble, although in my opinion you did nothing to suggest you were fat shaming the cheeky damsel, your irresponsible actions, especially given your position, left a lot to be desired.

But relax man, it’s just my take!


Funerals Selfies Selfish look so cute...but wait, is that a coffin behind you?

Aww…you look so cute…but wait, is that a coffin behind you?

Oxford Dictionaries this week made ‘Selfies’ the word of the year.  With everyone, and I mean everyone, taking photos of themselves in with and doing various things, some outrageous, some normal, I can see why.  Selfies are the norm and because of this, it’s no wonder that a new fad involves teens, maybe irresponsible adults too, taking selfies at funerals. The photos seem to say, “Here’s a shot of me being cute while the family of the deceased are grieving.”  Yes, it’s totally selfish but not shocking.  It was bound to happen.  It’s just the way things are heading. Everyone wants to post the pic or vid that would get the most ‘likes’ or go viral.  Even the Pope has taken a selfie.  Not at a funeral.  Some are calling this new trend a ‘self-aborbed low”.  I am calling it another example of how technology is quickly making us brain-dead.

Selfies are also posing a risk to drivers as some drivers are posting photos of them driving.  These selfies should be captioned,  “Look how stupid I am.  I am actually taking a photo of myself driving while paying no attention to the road.”  It just wasn’t enough that we text/talk and drive.

It’s the epitome of self-obsession.  Selfies are everywhere.  A pic of some teen complete with duckface, hanging out at the bar, at the gym, in church, you name it, it’s there, ready for instagram.

Taking selfies could land you in jail.  Yes, a couple of Winnipeg teens stole a man’s iPhone and needed to instagram their crime so they took selfies.  What they didn’t know was that the phone had an app that uploaded the pics to the owner’s computer.  It wasn’t hard for police to track down the culprits.

Even though it is not shocking or even surprising that teens are taking selfies at funerals,  it does not dilute the fact that it is wrong and socially unacceptable.  There’s a time and a place for everything, yes, including selfies.  While driving is just plain dumb.  You put not only yourself but others at risk. Funerals are a no-no.  It’s about respect, kiddo.   so put the camera down and show some!  My Take.

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