Take the Vaccine or else…

With the mandatory double vaccine requirements being introduced in business, sporting venues, restaurants, et al, employees are faced with the choice of getting vaxxed or face losing their jobs. I have my own opinion on this and let me remind you again that this is my blog and my take of which I am entitled. […]

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Read It Again. And Again

A few days ago, I came across the above post on Facebook. My initial reaction was the same as most of you. I was aghast! Force me to take a vaccine? No way! How about my rights? That is so wrong on all accounts! I added my comments to reflect my feelings, then a friend […]

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The New Way To Say It. Pt I

With our ever growing technological world and our dependence on it, words and their meanings are disappearing as fast as fresh baked bread in my house.  The sayings and expressions our parents used to say to us have now lost their relevance.  ‘Never look a gift horse in the mouth’, which means that when someone […]

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Happy New Year 2021!

To many, 2020 will go down as one of the most heart breaking years ever. The lives of sons, daughters, mothers, dads, close friends and grandparents were lost to Covid-19. It was a year unlike any. Yet like a rose on on a thistle, there were bright spots on this otherwise dreary year. What were […]

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In St. Vincent, The B**ch Is Bad!

I have been closely following a bizarre case in St. Vincent and The Grenadines where a young aspiring/former model was accused of calling a government minister’s wife the B word. ‘So what?’ I can hear you say. Well it turns out that on this small island, you don’t use the B word without dire consequences. […]

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Who Are You?

Do I know you? Do you know you? That may be the better question.  Everyone wants everyone to be like…yes, everyone but themselves. Why can’t you be like so-and-so? As a young kid, my aunt wanted me to be like The Baileys.  The Baileys were our upper-class family friends, quite naturally, their kids were classy […]

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