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If Only I Had Time

no-time-graphicLast Saturday, while making a peanut butter and jam sandwich, I washed the knife after putting it into the peanut butter, something I never do.  I did it because I did not want to get peanut butter in the jam.  It looks gross.  But it’s something I have never done, washing the knife that is.  Even though I think it is gross to have little bits of brown mixed into my bottle of jam, I just didn’t have time to clean the knife.   Saturday, I had time.  While I was applying the now-cleaned knife to the jam, I thought about all the other things I didn’t do because I didn’t have time.  Some would take less than half a minute and make my life happier but I didn’t have time.

In my hurry to use the washroom, I sometimes neglect to put the toilet seat up.  I just don’t have time to put it up but then I have to find time to wipe the seat after I’m done, all because of the time I didn’t have to begin with.  How about putting things together like a toy or even a building project?  I would forsake reading the directions because you guessed it, I didn’t have time.  But after hours of doing it all wrong, I would find time to sit and open up the directions and go over it word by word.  Then I would undo all the mistakes I made which I shouldn’t.  But I never had time.

Good thing I always find time to hug my wife, kiss the kids and tell them how much I love them because one day, there won’t be any time.

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