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Random act of kindness

Have you watched or read the news lately? Not too much good stuff, is it? In fact it’s downright depressing.  Slowly eroding your belief in your fellow human beings. Well don’t despair, there are still quite a lot of good people out there.  Like the one I ran into yesterday.

While waiting in line at my favorite coffee shop, the guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked me what I was getting.  Suspicious by nature, I guardedly told him I was getting a coffee. What is it to you? I asked inwardly.  “I got it”, the fella said. I didn’t. Get it I mean…For a second or two, I wasn’t sure what he meant. It never dawned on me that a total stranger would offer to pay for my order. Maybe try to get me to pay for his but not the other way around.  “Don’t worry about it, I’ll pay for your order”.  You don’t have to, I meekly responded.  Are you sure? There was no stopping him. He insisted.

The stranger asked me what size I was getting and made it clear that I could get whatever size I wanted and while I was at it, maybe grab a sandwich. I flirted with the idea of downsizing and getting a small coffee but decided to go with what my initial order. I wasn’t planning on getting anything to eat but after a few twists of my rubber arm, I settled for an apple fritter.

We engaged in season and weather conversation while we waited.  When we approached the clerk, he told her he was paying for whatever I wanted and signaled for me to order. He was good to his word. With a profuse and heart-felt thank you, I left the kind stranger to enjoy his meal.

I acknowledged this deed on my Facebook status and found that many people had the same experience recently. Very heartening, isn’t it? Has it happened to you? Maybe not in the same way but someone may have restored your faith in humanity? Don’t forget to pay it forward. It’s the only way we could counter the negatives of this earth.

Merry Christmas!


Beyonce world’s most beautiful woman?

Beyonce VMA Red Carpet

Beyonce VMA Red Carpet (Photo credit:

People Magazine voted Beyonce the world’s most beautiful woman.  Seriously, who is in charge of coming up with these most beautiful/sexiest/handsome  man/woman/couple/baby in the world?  How is it that the competitors are mostly always American celebrities?  What about the rest of the world? How about the girl next door?  Did they check the jungles of Africa? Last time I checked there were some ebony beauties back there with skin as smooth as silk, no makeup, no weave and no enhancements.  They worked with their kids attached to them, now that’s beauty.

Now on the topic of beautiful, have they met my wife? I think, and not because she’s my wife, that she is not only the world’s most beautiful woman but also person/wife/mother/daughter/friend.  Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder and to me it is more than just a pretty face. (My wife does have a pretty face too).  Based on looks, I see way more beautiful females  here in my city on almost a daily basis. (Not to take anything away from Beyonce as she is eye candy material herself).

Beautiful to me is more than just skin deep.  It is your character, your moral values, the way you treat those around you,  How you are as a mother, friend, daughter, son, wife,  the way you face adversity.  Possessing a good heart.  Independent and not relying on the nanny to take care of your children.  Classy.  These are some of the things that make a woman beautiful.

(I would also question the credibility of the voting as J-Lo was also once voted as the world’s most beautiful woman. Yep, that J-Lo).

It is time to dispense with the misleading monikers like most beautiful woman in the world.   Celebrities have got enough fame as it is.  Put the average Jane or  Joe in the spotlight instead.  There is actually life outside of Hollywood.  So maybe we can say Beyonce is the most beautiful woman in her family? Ok, maybe Hollywood then? But that’s as far as I will go.  Except if it’s my wife because she really is the most beautiful woman in the world.

Just my take,  congrats to Beyonce.

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