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Let God Save The Queen!

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Now that’s a gentleman

This is another reason why I am anti-royals, other than the fact that it is a useless and antiquated practice.  This week, while in the presence of Royalty, the Queen to be exact, Canada’s Governor General TOUCHED HER!  HE TOUCHED HER ROYAL HIGHNESS!  HIS MAJESTY! How awful!  Apparently is a no-no to touch the almighty Queen.  The news media went into a frenzy.  “Canada’s Governor General Breached Protocol” was one headline.  “Canada’s Governor General Touches Queen In Breach Of Royal Protocol’ Was another. Except that in smaller fonts, it read, ‘To keep her from falling.’

So Let’s get this straight, a noble gentleman felt it his duty to aid a 91-year old woman ascend a flight of stairs and this is wrong?  Queen or no Queen, this is what normal human beings do. Instead of him being lauded as a true gentleman for his deed, he is made to explain his actions.  Should the old woman had slipped and fallen while he merely stood by and observed, would he be questioned on why he did not see fit to offer assistance to the falling monarch?

What can we learn from this?  If you ever, ever, see a queen in trouble, drowning, falling, whatever, stay out of it, don’t touch her.  Why? Because God Saves Our Gracious Queen!


Drat it all!


My Take


A Wedding Fit For A Queen

A couple in England are probably still pinching themselves after Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip surprised them at their wedding. Frances and John Canning jokingly invited the queen and her husband to their nuptials after they heard that the royals would be in the same town, Manchester, on the day they were to exchange vows. They received a reply declining their offer.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were in Manchester on an official tour celebrating the queen’s Diamond Jubilee. She has reigned as Britain’s monarch for 60 years. What the Cannings did not know was that the palace was secretly making arrangements for her majesty and Prince Philip to attend the wedding on Saturday. The royals arrived minutes after the vows were over and posed for pictures, chatted with the bride and groom, and told the bride how lovely she looked, as well as wished the newlyweds all the best.

Frances was thrilled to have the queen and prince at her wedding, saying, “We’re going to have to get a bigger wedding album now.” Husband John added that it was “one of the best presents you could wish for.”

I am not a fan of the Monarchy but I must say this adds a touch of sensitivity and a more human side to the oft aloof palace.  Good on you, Queen! More of that please.

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