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Who Are You?

Do I know you? Do you know you? That may be the better question.  Everyone wants everyone to be like…yes, everyone but themselves. Why can’t you be like so-and-so? As a young kid, my aunt wanted me to be like The Baileys.  The Baileys were our upper-class family friends, quite naturally, their kids were classy and well-mannered.  At least in the public eye.  My aunt didn’t know they farted without saying excuse me.

There is so much conversation on young people being forced or pressured to look and act a certain way.  As parents we resent and discuss this with disgust but in many ways we are guilty of setting the trend.  How many of us ask our halves to be different?  “Honey, why can’t you be like this?  Do it for me.  Wear this…”  I have seen it in friends who were once wild and free with independent minds, becoming zombie-like as they lose their own identity and take on that of their other halves.  They just melded.

Sometimes a change is good.  Your wife finally gets you to loosen up and try something you have never tried before, you did and found out you loved it!  In fact, you are a natural at it!  This does not change who you are.  It just means you have added something new to what makes you.  Kudos to the wifey!  Life is a life-long learning experience.  You sometimes learn that you are not one-dimensional after all!  I for one have found out I like chips after all! Thanks honey!

On the flipside, I have seen my once-funny friends get involved with Debbie Downers and turned into Boring Bobs.  (Isn’t it funny that it rarely works the other way?).  A happy you is the real you are and being anything other than that is compromising or rejecting the very things that characterize who are you.

Don’t be like the Baileys or anyone else for that matter.  Be YOU, but first, find out who you really are.






Shut up and let me sleep!

They all start off the same. Falling into a nice deep sleep before the end of an episode of Modern Family.  By 1am, so deep in Lala Land I could be mistaken for a citizen or a Lalatian.  Unfortunately, like all the other nights, I get deported before I could even be considered a landed immigrant.
Last Wednesday night I fell asleep just after 10pm.   I was very tired so I had no doubt that I would be sleeping the whole night through.  Just before 3am I found myself awake and alert.  My mind sensing this, decided to start a conversation.  Oh there you are! Sucks about your friend dying eh?  So many people dying young these days. How is your health by the way? How is the blood pressure that you had tested?  How about work?  Let’s see what you have to do when you go in tomorrow. Or maybe I should say this morning.

My mind bombarded me with thoughts like those.  I chewed on some and dismissed some.  I tried to shut it off, telling myself I need to get some sleep but my mind wouldn’t relent! What time is it anyways?  Oh almost 3am.  Almost 4am.  Almost 5am…oh oh, someone needs to be getting up soon.  Aaarrrghhh!!




Are You A Cynic Too?

So I have been diagnosed as a cynic. Well it’s not a legit diagnosis done by a qualified doctor or anything like that.  In fact, it’s not even a medical condition. It’s a self diagnosis borne out of the realization I am a person who takes everything with a grain of salt.  Everything!  Ever seen those people who reach for the salt as soon as their food is brought to them, without even doing a taste test? Well that’s me.  Except for the food part.

What am I cynical about? Every darn thing! See above.  Take for example the good old tried and true recommendation that one should hide underneath a door frame during a hurricane.  Do I believe that?  Nope.  I saw photos of Haiti after it was hit by an earthquake.  Not once did I see a doorway just standing there, in the middle of the carnage. Not one doorway!  Indonesia, no intact and untouched doorway there either. In fact, in all of the photos of earthquake devastation, I have yet to see proof that this works.  That’s not the only example of my cynicism though. There’s more. A lot more.

I am also a cynic of political promises.  Do  you really think I believe one word uttered by those smiling, well-dressed politicians? No way Jose! Why do I vote for them?  I do because I am tired of listening to the ‘If you don’t vote you blah blah blah’.  Newsflash! They are all the same.  And if you don’t believe that, show me solid proof that they aren’t.  I didn’t think so.  Just like that phantom doorway…

You are probably thinking that I have to be positive about something right? Maybe world peace.  Lmao! World Peace? Isn’t that an oxymoron? I do pray for world peace but I know that this would never be achieved.  Not while humans walk the earth.  End to racism? Sure, when pigs fly.  While humans of different color, class or creed share the planet, never happen.

So you get the picture, I am as cynic as they come.  Are you one too? Or do you share and like Facebook posts that promise blessings and winnings if you like or share?

I join the masses in praying for the stuff that I am cynical because cynic or not, you never know, and I have had misplaced cynicism before.   I do, however, cover the spread.  I pray harder for patience to deal with the undesired stuff that comes to me. Understanding to discern why it is happening and strength to deal with it.  I also pray for a small portion of the faith that Job exhibited in the Bible.  Without it, all is lost, cynical or not.


My Take

How Did I Survive?

Sometimes I wonder how the heck did I make it this far.  For instance, as I placed my food into the microwave last night, I thought of my boyhood days.  I would eat cold soup and cold rice without noticing the difference.  The only thing that mattered was that I was eating. I was being fed.  In fact, back then I had no idea that it was even possible to warm up food without putting it on a stove top or an open fire.

I also showered with ice-cold water.  It was like showering with your shower turned to the cold setting.  Try it next time.  I never once thought to myself, “Oh I wish the water was warmer.” On an extremely hot day it did get a bit warmer.  That would be like moving your shower tap half an inch from the cold setting.

How did I rendezvous with my friends back then? I would take a chance that they would be at home and actually walked to their houses.  I had no way of texting to alert them of my visit.  The funny thing was, it didn’t matter.  I never wished for a better way of communicating with my friends so I could know what they were doing and where they were every second of every day.  No, the idea would have seem absurd then.  When we played with a game of war, hiding behind trees while pointing sticks or even our fingers at each other and going ‘bang!’ it seemed as realistic as it could get.  I never wished we could play it in HD on a big television screen, with my choice of sophisticated weaponry.

So how did I survive then when I can barely survive now without these things?


So Confusing

Sometimes things can be so confusing.  Take this for example:  The authorities are trying to curb driving (No, that doesn’t mean driving on the curb) while using your phone.  That’s all fine and dandy and I’m all for it but wait a minute! So they want us to put down my cell phones while driving but then they  allow the auto makers to make it convenient for me to use my phone while in my car?  I am not supposed to use the thing but my car comes with WiFi. Do they really expect drivers to pull over and use their phones? Sounds good in theory but if realized, would create the need for more shoulders to pull over on, right?

This is like putting a pizza making machine in my bedroom and telling me that I can’t eat while lying in bed.  So, tell me again why we need WiFi in our vehicles because I think it’s flies in the face of reason.  But then again, I could be wrong because it’s only…

Just My Take

Don’t worry about the past, let the present shape your future

As the new year starts, don’t look back on what is gone. We can’t do much about the past but the present is in our hands.  We can use it to shape our future and make it whatever we want. Happy New Year to you and may the best of 2014 be your worst of 2015.

You Liked That?

thRecently, my cousin announced on Facebook that her mom fell and hurt herself badly.  Not surprisingly, someone who either failed to completely read the status or was just like-happy, clicked ‘like’.   What they liked about that? I really don’t know.  Some of us are a little to quick on the draw when it comes to liking statuses.  We go around clicking ‘like’ with reckless abandon.  Now, the ‘Like’ button does not come with a manual and so in this post, I will give you a few pointers on how to be a good and relevant liker.

Take the above example for instance, do you really think it deserved a ‘like’?  What’s to like?  That’s why there’s a button right next to it called, ‘comment’.  Say something sympathetic or say and do nothing.  If someone announces a birth, graduation or any personal achievement, go nuts with the ‘likes’.   Photos are perfect to be liked.  Cute baby, I think I like.  Mmmm….Food!  Big ‘Like’.  Do not like photos of crashes or someone in sticky situations, comment instead.  So sorry about your mom falling, I wish Facebook had a ‘dislike’ button so I could click on it.

And that ends my tutorial.  And you guessed it, it’s just MY TAKE

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1000 Strong

followed-blog-1000-1xWhen I click the ‘publish’ button after writing this, my blog would be sent to over 1000 followers!  Ok, maybe to many it’s not that big of a deal.  A thousand followers is maybe just a drop in the bucket but for me, I get excited over small accomplishments so I am stoked!

Look honey! Four followers today alone! I excitedly told the wife a few days ago.  Wow! It’s almost to a thousand!  After talking about it for almost ten minutes, she was tired of being the good listener and politely told me to shut up already.  Well it didn’t sound too polite.  I promised to myself that when I hit the 1000 milestone, I would keep it to myself.  And you of course.

I realize that a lot of those 1000+ followers would not actually open and read every single email they get announcing a new post.  Heck, I do that sometimes too but it’s not the point.  Actually, what is the point?

The point is that after a couple of years of airing my thoughts/vuze/takes via my blogs, I now have two major accomplishments.  I was Freshly Pressed and now have reached 1000 followers.  Readers have not only liked what I’m writing but also decided to follow me so they could read even more.  Smart people.  Or are they?

I hope my wife understands what this means.  It  means I should be taken seriously as a legit blogger.  I should now be mentioned in the same breath as…hmm…er…ok nevermind, you get the picture.

Now this calls for a celebratory drink…

Yayyy!! 1000 followers!!  Thanks for the follows guys!

Bless this food and help me to eat it, amen.

Will eat for food

Eating at my house is stressful.  Eating at restaurants could be too.  It has nothing to do with the food.  It’s my kids, they make meal times stressful.

My boys are extremely picky eaters.  It’s not even about the food as one day they would love a particular food and the next, would act like it was alive and about to eat them.  That’s when Daddy would let his own food go cold and undesirable and do a round-table feeding.  (That’s when I take turns feeding each boy around the table).   If you were to come to my house at feeding time, you would think I was running an egg and spoon race.  There’s Daddy hot on the heels of a running kid with my arm outstretched and holding a spoon filled with food.   “Come back here! It’s your last bite!  You can do it.  One more bite and you can have that cookie!” (I have since put a stop to this and enforced the ‘do not leave the table during meals’ rule).

Now here’s the part that doesn’t sit well.  It’s hard to digest.  (Had to stick a pun it there or it wouldn’t be me).  I love food. I enjoy a good meal and like to sit down and savor it.  Eating to me is like meditating or spending time in prayer.  I do not like to leave before I am done and I hate to be interrupted.  So imagine my feelings when I have to leave my eating ritual to chase three non-eaters.   To make matters worse, Kenyan would usually use the bathroom as an excuse to leave the table.   ‘Daddy! I want to go to the bathroom, BAD!’  What could I say? I could tell him to  finish his food first but then who’s going to have the last laugh when his bladder opens up at the table? So I always let him go.

A much too long time later, just when I have forgotten all about the missing son and getting into the groove with enjoying my food,  I hear, ‘Daddy, I am done!’  Thwarted again! Nothing is worst that having to interrupt a meal to engage in wiping a bum.  It sure takes the delectable taste of food right out of your mouth eh?  Yep, it sure does.

Just for the records,  I was also a difficult eater and was still being force-fed at ten.  So like I say, what comes around went around.

Chinese couple bury woman alive!!

The following is  a classic example of how much morality has and is declining in our world today.  The natural instinct to do good is trumped by our selfish need for self-preservation at any and all cost.  At this rate,  getting beamed up asap won’t be such a bad thing.

BEIJING (Reuters) – Chinese police have arrested a young couple who buried an old woman alive believing she was dead after their car hit the 68-year-old, newspapers said on Thursday, in a case which has sparked outrage over declining public morality.

The couple had been at an all-night karaoke session when they hit the woman while driving in the early hours of the morning in the wealthy eastern province of Zhejiang last month, the official China Daily said.

“A witness said he heard someone crying and saw an elderly woman lying on the ground near (the car),” it cited a policeman as saying.

“A man and a woman got out and put the elderly woman in the car, saying they would send her to hospital.”

But, worried about being arrested for drunk driving and causing the accident and believing she was no longer alive, they buried her near the side of the road, the report added.

However, when police later found the woman’s body they discovered she was still alive when she was buried, and had then suffocated to death, the paper said.

The story has been widely discussed on China’s popular Twitter-like service Weibo, where it has ignited uproar for what some called the immorality of modern Chinese society.

“Such things show that our society really has huge problems it is not facing,” wrote one user.

“People of China, how have you come to this?” wrote another.

China’s economic boom and the growing disparity between the rich and poor have made changing social values a contentious topic, with some lamenting what they see as materialism and a get-rich-quick attitude replacing public morals.

Last year, graphic video footage of a two-year-old child run over by a van and ignored by passersby in southern China sparked similar anger.

(Reporting by Ben Blanchard; Editing by Michael Perry)

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