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Making Trouble From Nothing

“Carlos, you are just making trouble out of nothing!” Our German International Student, Hanna, used to say to me when I stress over something that she thought was not worth stressing about.  She was, and still is, right though.

You see, I am a stresser, (not really a word). I like to, as Hanna put it, make trouble out of nothing.  I stew over things, no matter how small.  Sleeping for me is work time for my brain.  That’s the time when all of my day’s issues get solved or I devised other ways of dealing with them.  A presentation at work?  When I’m done with it at about 2am, it’s a finely-honed delivery without any hiccups, too bad my audience would never hear it, instead they were privy to the water-down version.  Well it wasn’t that watered down, since I actually did stew on it a few nights prior to the delivery date.  My nocturnal labor has solved worked problems that I was working on and even found lost items! I retrace my wife’s steps to the likely places she could have ‘lost’ her cell phone.

I am an avid sports fan, especially hockey.  When my team loses in the playoffs, it’s time for this fan to break down every what-ifs and near-miss scenarios.  What if the puck hadn’t hit one of our players?  We probably would have scored. How about the breakaway that he missed the open net on?

Maybe it’s a mental health issue and I need to talk to a brain sweeper to clear out the cobwebs that have been taking up residents in my cranial attic. (Wow! Did I just say that? That’s some serious lingo!) My wife insists that I should just shut my brain off and go to sleep. Easier said than done.  Maybe she has a brain switch but I wasn’t blessed with one.

You might ask why don’t I do all that stressing and over-thinking during the day and sleep at night?  Great question! Mind if I get back to you on that?  I just need to maybe…stew on it a bit tonight.

Just My Take!


Shut up and let me sleep!

They all start off the same. Falling into a nice deep sleep before the end of an episode of Modern Family.  By 1am, so deep in Lala Land I could be mistaken for a citizen or a Lalatian.  Unfortunately, like all the other nights, I get deported before I could even be considered a landed immigrant.
Last Wednesday night I fell asleep just after 10pm.   I was very tired so I had no doubt that I would be sleeping the whole night through.  Just before 3am I found myself awake and alert.  My mind sensing this, decided to start a conversation.  Oh there you are! Sucks about your friend dying eh?  So many people dying young these days. How is your health by the way? How is the blood pressure that you had tested?  How about work?  Let’s see what you have to do when you go in tomorrow. Or maybe I should say this morning.

My mind bombarded me with thoughts like those.  I chewed on some and dismissed some.  I tried to shut it off, telling myself I need to get some sleep but my mind wouldn’t relent! What time is it anyways?  Oh almost 3am.  Almost 4am.  Almost 5am…oh oh, someone needs to be getting up soon.  Aaarrrghhh!!




Bye Bye Sweet Sheex

thI never heard about Sheex before until a friend decided that we needed a set for Christmas.  It was a very expensive gift and we thought of giving it back.  We should have.  I am not sure what we were expecting but whatever it was it wasn’t what we got.

The material that the Sheex (or is it just sheex?) is made of rubs against your feet the wrong way.  Even the best scrubbed feet feel like sandpaper against it.  No good.  If you are prone to night sweats, stay away from Sheex.  Your sweat mingles with the fabric to create an unpleasant odor.

After a month of trying to see if maybe the Sheex would grow on us, my wife and I finally came to a unanimous conclusion.  Sheex had to go.  The only positive thing I could say about these sheets is that they looked not-too-bad, but for that price, they should.

This is just my opinion.  And my wife’s.  Many people swear by them.  Maybe I’m missing something.  Maybe I’m supposed to put batteries in them somewhere or plug them in or use with an app…either way, My Take? Stay away from these Sheex.

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Naps are not just for babies and the dishes can wait

thA couple Sundays ago, Amie and I did something that I can’t remember us ever doing.  After putting the boys down for their afternoon naps, we went to bed also and not for any extra-curricular activity either.  It was just a spontaneous act.  We just felt the need for a siesta.  I was happy because napping is something we don’t do unless we are under the weather.  It made me remember life back in St. Vincent where everyone naps.  Sunday afternoon naps were enjoyed by everyone.

The previous evening, I did something I don’t usually do, I left the dishes in the sink and went to bed.  Purposely.  I chose to watch a movie and play with the kids instead.  When Amie got home later that night and questioned me on it, I assured her that they would be done by the time she came downstairs in the morning. They were.  “See? So what’s the difference?”  I asked her while showing her the clean kitchen.


th (1)

The dishes didn’t get any dirtier overnight.  They were waiting patiently for me when I woke up. When Amie and I napped instead of finding work to do around the house, nothing changed. In fact, you couldn’t tell the difference.  

I am not saying we should nap more and do the dishes less, but maybe slowing down and actually enjoying the king size bed that we paid for would not be so bad.   We both enjoyed our short nap that Sunday afternoon and vowed to do it again.  So far we haven’t yet.  Too much things to do.


Bunking and Big Boy Bed

Yesterday marked a milestone in our household.  I picked up the bunk bed for the two oldest.  Amie and I spent the afternoon putting it together.  When it was completed, we admired our work of art then called the new owners to come and try it out.

Mikhail was tentative to climb the ladder to the top bunk which was his bunk.  After some help, he was perched in his bed.  Kenyan wanted to check out what it was like being on a bed where he could touch the ceiling so he climbed up also.  (Seeing his big brother’s hesitancy, he was  nervous and had to be assisted also).  The 3-year-old, who was now the new tenant of the boys’ old bed,  scooted up fearlessly behind him.

At bedtime,  Treyton wanted to sleep on the bunk.  He kept sneaking into Kenyan’s bunk with his blanket, planning to stay the night.  Unfortunately, mommy and daddy would have none of it and he was promptly brought back to his own ‘new bed’,  to his anger and disappointment.    After threatening to let him sleep in his play pen, he decided that his big boy bed was the better option and eventually went to sleep in it.

In the past, when the older boys woke up, usually way too early for us, they would come to our beds and cuddle, leaving Treyton in his crib.   Now we can expect him to accompany his brothers on their early morning visits.  Goodbye queen size bed!  Goodbye jail crib!  Will miss you!

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