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Viral Stupidity. How bout dah?

Image result for cash me outside how bow dahRemember the ‘Cash Me Ousside ‘ girl?  Yup, the 13-year old who disrespected her mom,stole her credit cards and dropped out of school in grade 7.   You probably saw her on Dr. Phil also.  Maybe you thought “What a disaster!  She would never amount to to much.”   Yes, I thought so too.  Heck, I even used her as a teaching moment for my own kids.  You better be nice and stay in school or you boys would never get anywhere in life.  Man were we ever wrong.  She amounted to much and is amounting to much more.

So much for that.  I had not taken into consideration that this was the United States of America, where fame and fortune are always just one viral post away.  It doesn’t matter what you did, legal or illegal, if it goes viral, then get ready to cash out, how bout dah?

And so it happened with this obnoxious and rude teen, Danielle Bregoli.  She became a ‘viral sensation’ with over 8 million Instagram followers!  Her appearances are worth upwards of $40,000 and she even stars in commercials! A celebrity! A success story!  Who needs school and manners?  She is projected to be a Millionaire by the end of 2017!  What a sweet story of a hard working girl.

Seriously America, it’s time to wake up!  You are creating idols and role models out of those who least deserve it.   Turning a 13-year old, Grade 7 dropout into a celebrity?  Rewarding her for being a brat?  What would you do next?  Make a President out of a… um, nevermind.

Just My Take…


On Fat Shaming

michael-buble-instagram-fat-shameThere has been a lot of discussion on the issue of fat shaming lately, with stars from Kelly Clarkson to Pink being targeted by ‘fat shamers’. What’s that you asked? Well Fat Shaming is basically the act of poking fun of someone who you think is overweight.  Noticed I wrote ‘think’ in italics? It’s because it is usually the opinion of the shamer.

Last week, Canadian nice guy Michael Buble got the social media world in a frenzy when he posted a selfie of himself.  Nothing wrong that except the photo had a woman in the background wearing short shorts.  Buble posted the photo on the Instagram with hashtags, #babygotback, #myhumps and #hungryshorts.  Adjectives you can hear any time and any day on your local radio station.  Maybe it’s me as I’m a bit slow on the uptake sometimes but I fail to see where that could be fat shaming.  The woman in the photo had nothing to be ashamed of.  Maybe mad as hell that someone she didn’t give permission to posted a photo of her on social media.  Did I mention that he also had the hashtag #beautifulbum?  Not #fatbum.

Fat shaming is a form of bullying and so can be very traumatic, especially when the victim is vulnerable.  Although some of us could do with a wake-up call or a gentle nudge that we need to smarten up and go easy on the coke and chips, no one has that right to try to shame us into it.  if we are the architect of our own fatness by the way we live, we might need our friends to step up and tell us exactly what they think in a constructive criticism kind of way.  The last thing we need is a fake friend to tell us how great we look while we put on the Macdonald’s pounds.  There are diplomatic ways of saying things.  I once thought I was at an ideal weight until my Wii Fit Fat Shamed me by announcing that I was overweight!  The nerve! I wasn’t mad though, I took the constructive criticism in a positive light and shaped up.

There are a couple lessons to be learned here.  Do not post people photos without their permission and do not take everything so personal.  Growing up in the Caribbean, it was considered healthy to have some meat on your bones.  I was skinny shamed, called names that made me feel I was starving Ethiopian kid.  So know yourself, love yourself. If someone try to fat shame you, look in the mirror and see if you like what you see. If you do, shame on them. If you don’t, fix it. Remember, people will talk about you no matter what you look like.  So it’s up to you to like how you look.  If you are unsure, see Pink’s response to fat shamers. Here.

My rant:  We created this stupid vicious cycle with our ill-placed obsession with physical appearance then get offended when the very weapon we create is used against us.  We feast on shows and songs that promote certain body types and looks, yet act shocked when it comes home to roost.  Tut tut! Until we can evolve into a better race of people with a grasp on how to co-exist, fat shaming, bullying, racism etc., will be forever with us.

Buble, although in my opinion you did nothing to suggest you were fat shaming the cheeky damsel, your irresponsible actions, especially given your position, left a lot to be desired.

But relax man, it’s just my take!


Are Those People Still My Friends?

Facebook logo Español: Logotipo de Facebook Fr...

Facebook logo Español: Logotipo de Facebook Français : Logo de Facebook Tiếng Việt: Logo Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even if all they do is send you stupid invites and game requests? Are they still your friend?  They have never said ‘hi’ or wish you happy birthday, so are they?  Today I set out to delete some hanger-ons on Facebook.  You know the kinds who are just there, contributing nothing?  Maybe send you the odd game request?  Yes, those.  I figured I had had enough with the game requests and it was time for them to go.  I imagined what it would be like, surrounded by friends who actually communicated with me.  A genuine circle of friends. So I gathered up all the hanger-ons and got ready to do some deleting.

But I didn’t.  No I didn’t.  That’s your teacher, Carlos.  You’ve known her for a very long time.  She doesn’t do much as a Facebook friend but she moulded you into who you are today.  Who cares if all she does is send game invites? At least she’s still around and making her presence felt. I wouldn’t delete her, Carlos boy.  What? Don’t even think of deleting him! That’s your old classmate.  I know he hasn’t said boo to you in forever but at least you know he’s only a message away.  Come on man! What?! You are actually thinking of saying bye to your cousin? Your cousin? Ok bro, you’ve crossed the line…And so it went on and on…until no one was deleted.

Safe for now buddy, safe for now.  You might be so lucky next time.  Say hi or else…

Just Inbox Me

Life360Last year, my wife and I got the app Life360.  It’s cool. It tells us where each other  is without having to call them.  I even added my mom to our circle.  Who needs the hassle of talking to a live person, asking how was their day and blah blah blah?  Spare me.  No time for that.  Instead of calling and asking, “Hey, where are you?” We open the app, click on their name and voila! They are at the downtown mall!  How easy is that?

It’s awesome, isn’t it?  No more chatting with the husband or wife.  Family members too.   Between Life360 and Facebook, you are always in the know.  You want to know how you nephews and nieces are doing? don’t call, just check Facebook.  It tells you everything and more.  I have never talked less since I was in my 30’s!  I think I know more about my friends this way than when I actually talked to them.  Maybe they are more comfortable sharing on social media than saying it in person…  Cool with me, I don’t want to talk to them anyways.

So as the apps increase, the talk decrease.  And some wonder why the world is so messed up…But it’s just My Take.  If you have an issue with it, don’t call, just inbox me.

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Who Put The Foot In My Breast??

6574e247-8158-42db-a979-0336bc2c949f_970168_389880274446157_355565350_nI was browsing the web when I came across a story that I had to click on.  Gruesome Find At A Grocery Store!  Of course it got my attention.  I immediately thought someone had found a rat or something like that in their groceries.  When I read it, I had to read it again.  Are you kidding me? Was my thought.  The woman had found, wait for it, the foot of a chicken in her package of chicken breasts!  Yes! She found chicken in her chicken!  She was HORRIFIED! She was VOMITING! At least that’s what she tweeted.  The poor sheltered woman!

Well I looked at the photo of the harmless and non-vomit-inducing photo of the leg resting comfortably on the chicken breasts and was surprised that Lindsey was not charged extra for the delicacy.  Man, I could eat some well cooked chicken feet as we speak.  I would sue anyone who dare to remove the foot from my breast.  Lindsey, you have no clue what you are missing.  Even if you are not a fan of that part of the fowl, be aware that it is still a part of the chicken.

Just my take.  And Safeway, please don’t pull the breasts off the shelves just yet, I will be there soon.  Lindsey, I’ll take that package off you too sans the breasts.


Facebook Fights

935538_399001263547680_534508117_nWhy do people use Facebook as their battleground?  I have read some statuses that were so disgusting that I was ashamed for the person who wrote it.  Seriously folks, why would anyone use Facebook, Twitter or any other social media to attack another?  It’s coward and weak.  Tell them I said so.

I don’t care who you are, if you use Social Media to sling mud at an old flame or old friend you are feuding with, it’s unclassy.  Plain and simple!  And there’s a bunch of us ‘classy’ people who think so too.  If you have a problem with your ex, please keep it between the two of you.  Other than a few gossipers, the rest of us really don’t care to to see your dirty laundry waving in the air.

Last week, one of my Facebook friends who I always thought of as a respectable person, ranted on his status about someone who was apparently giving him grief.  His choice of adjectives muddied his intelligence.  I was shocked and disappointed.  A few days later, another good friend, same thing.  His target was a female and he called her the name of a female productive organ.  His tirade was laden with such descriptive words.  Again I was disappointed by the lack of self-control shown by these people who I thought would know better than to stoop to such a low level and reveal an ignorance previously unseen.

If you feel the urge to berate someone on Facebook, please rethink.  It’s actually not cool and you don’t sound tough.  Some may say it’s downright pathetic, but it’s my take so I won’t say that.  Seriously though, if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing.  There’s an old saying attributed to Abraham Lincoln that goes, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”  You have a problem?  There’s the ‘unfriend’ button or better yet, use the ‘message’ button and let them know how you feel.

Thanks to Facebook, I now know who my smart friends are.

Alcohol and Facebook

thYou are perhaps wondering where I’m going with this blog.  Well they may sound like a mismatched couple but alcohol and Facebook , has more in common than you think.

I had this Aha! moment the other day while on Facebook.  I was checking my news feed and browsing a few status updates.   Some of the statuses my friends had led me to wonder,  “Would she say this in person?” or  “This does not sound like him at all.  He doesn’t talk like this.  Actually he’s never talked like this in all the years that I have known him.”    And that is when I made the connection.

Facebook and Twitter to some extent, gives us that imagined protection and bravery to say whatever we want, just like alcohol.  All of a sudden, we can talk about our lazy boyfriend or girlfriend and even wax philosophical.  Just like with alcohol.  We can rant about how bad life is and how our work sucks, also just like alcohol.  Hey, and when on Facebook, it’s all about us.  We try to be the center of attention.  Again, (Let’s all say it together) JUST LIKE ALCOHOL!  I mean, some of us don’t need Facebook or alcohol to do all that but for the rest of us, we need a dose of bravery, in liquid or media form.

So, which persona is  real?   Is Facebook giving us the chance and courage to be and say who we really are or are we playing dress up?  If it is the former, maybe I should only communicate with my friends and family via Facebook.  This way we could be ‘keep it real’.   Or have a nice stiff drink of bravery.  I am thinking most would opt for that choice.

And you thought I was going to blog about Facebooking while drunk.



Unfriending Facebook Friends Day

While talking to myself recently, we both decided it was time to clean up my 700 plus Facebook friends.  After all, do I even know that many people? If somehow I did, how many of them would I even call friends?  So last Monday was the day I designated as Unfriending Facebook Friends Day.

I was excited.  I never suspected that being mean to people I once called friends could provide such a rush.  I opened up my friends’ list and prepared to go to work.  Because this all started over a conversation with myself, I talked to myself as I worked.

Me:  (Looking a photo of a homely looking girl trying to look like Charlize  Theron)  Ok, how about her?

Myself:  Hmm…nah, she commented on your status once. I think.  That means she’s at least interested in what you have to say.  You can’t delete her, it’s just not right.

Me:  Then how about him?

Myself:  Well…er…You worked with him at your old job.  That was, let’s see, nine years ago but you still have that circle of friends so if you delete him your absence would surely be noticed.

After thirty minutes, I was only down three friends.  My numbers were still above 700, still way too high. I decided to try another approach.  I imagined myself walking, say in the mall, and bumping into one of these 700 plus friends.  Which ones would I say a cursive hi to and which ones would I go over, hug or shake hands and engage in a conversation with?  Or worst yet, which ones would I duck behind a clothes rack to avoid? Now that’s a good way to judge who are really my friends so off we go! back to deleting friends!

Me:  (Looking at a picture of some guy named Doug) Should I delete him?

Myself:  Um, let me see, he’s living back in St. Vincent and you haven’t been back there for a long time.  You used to be friends with his older brother but not really friends with him.

Me:  So should I or not?

Myself:  Well how about if you were to go back home to visit do you think you would like to have a chat with him? After all, most of your friends have migrated and you won’t know too many people there anymore.  Maybe leave him just in case.

This is harder than I thought.

Me:  Aha! I got a candidate for deletion right here, this woman that added me not too long ago, let’s take a look at her profile.

Myself:  Aww…poor lady only has a handful of friends she needs all the friends she could get.

Me:  Oh look! Read this guy’s status.  Funny or what? I barely know him but he sure comes up with some dandy statuses.

Myself:  You have to keep him but next time, he goes.  Dandies or not.

I really thought this would have been much easier.  What’s so hard about going through some names and clicking ‘unfriend’?  Let’s try this from the top one more time.  Come one, I seriously don’t need 700 plus friends!!  Ok, here I come…

Me:  Who is this girl living in Brazil?  She has to go for sure.  Just because she’s a friend of a friend that’s a friend of one of our International students doesn’t mean she’s my friend.  She has got to go.

Myself:   Look again.  That’s not who you think it is.  This is that girl you used to teach her in school back in St. Vincent.  She was a very intelligent girl too, remember?  Let’s creep her profile for a bit.  No, no, not creep, let’s peruse her profile.  What? She had a kid? And married? I bet you didn’t know that.

Me:  It did not show up on my feed.  I should change my settings so I see her feeds.  No wait a minute! I was supposed to be unfriending her.  On never mind, that when I thought she was from Brazil.

Myself:  She looks really beautiful in this shot.  You have to show Amie this photo of your former student.

Me:  I guess she’s staying for a while too and there’s no way that hot blonde who I don’t know from Adam, is getting deleted. HELLLOO! have you seen the pics she puts up after she parties?

On that note, I started getting nauseous from scrolling through 700+ pics.   Well 695.  Would have been 694 but when I logged into my account to see how many I had, there waiting for me was a friend request from someone I knew from back home.  Haven’t seen her in forever.  I wonder how she’s doing? I could always add her, creep her page then delete her.  I added her.

Maybe next time I should do this all by myself.

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