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And That’s Why I Don’t Watch The News

I read recently with utter disgust and anger, a news article about an Afghanistan woman who was murdered for some concocted reason.  “Although details are unclear, some witnesses suggested that the attack was sparked by a dispute Farkhunda had with the mosque’s imam. Whatever the case, the mob was bent on killing her in the most horrific manner. They dragged her body with a car, then burned it and threw it into the Kabul River.”  Even though I hear stories of women being murdered and treated like crap in that part of our world but this still astounds me.  IT IS 2015!!

To further perplex me and raise my blood pressure, the story went on to say, “It took two hours to murder her, the brutality unfolding as hundreds of people and armed policemen watched, doing nothing to save Farkhunda from her assailants. The neighborhood police headquarters was about a five-minute walk from the mosque. Many witnesses shot photos and videos with their smartphones.”  How sick does that sound?

Hundreds of people and armed policemen! These people were no less criminals than the actual perpetrators! They watched a woman, a sister, a daughter, being murdered in the most inhuman and savage way and did nothing.  Well not exactly nothing, some took photos and videos. I want to vomit. I am ashamed to be a part of this human race that has the capabilities to inflict such harm on a fellow human.   I am sure an intervention would have been swift and unanimous if a dog was being kicked by its owner.  Or a cow yelled at in India.

Almost two weeks ago, a 74-year-old nun was raped! A nun for goodness sakes. I know we have come to expect this sort of violence against women from ‘that part’ of the world but we shouldn’t. It doesn’t matter if the victim was from India or Afghanistan or the USA, it’s still the same and we should not expect or tolerate it. Don’t say, ‘Oh it’s their culture, it’s their religion’.  It’s a human life plain and simple.  Maybe she did burn the Koran, but isn’t it written somewhere in that same Koran that murder is not tolerated? If not, it should.

I am angry, I am disgusted, I am sickened and saddened…And that’s why I don’t watch the news!


Fun At Fun Zone

imagesOn Wednesday, I took this Daddy Day Care thing up a notch.  I went to Fun Zone.  Fun Zone is a drop-in for parents and care givers to bring their pre-school kids.  It is ran in the basement of our church and parents sit around with other parents and engage in adult conversations while their little ones engage in little-ones activities.

Fun Zone is a great idea.  The parents enjoy the time chatting and having coffee.  (The coffee is actually good too, with different flavors to choose from).  The only downside is there are not too many dads dropping in.  As a matter of fact, I was the only dad yesterday.

At first I found it weird and chose to spend my time playing with the kids.  They made me put on angel wings and pumped gas in their toy cars.  Then they used me as a punching bag.  But it was fun and kept me away from the women and their uncomfortable women conversation.  The kids finally wore me out and reluctantly, I went and sat with the women.  I sat on the chair farthest away from the group so as not to be mistaken for one of them. That didn’t work.  Before long, I was up to my neck in girltalk.  Ok, maybe some of it wasn’t really girl talk but coming from the mouths of women, it sounded like girltalk.

I had a great time at fun zone!  I forgot that I wasn’t one of the ladies and didn’t feel out of place one bit.  They reassured me that the occasional man usually drops by.  One such man stayed upstairs while his kids played downstairs.  His lost.  If I want to be an efficient stay at home dad, then I’d better get use to hanging with the fun zone moms.  These women know their stuff.  They are in the zone!

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