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So, How Are The 9000 People You Follow Doing?

thWhile browsing Twitter the other day, I noticed one user followed 9024 people.  9024!  How the heck do you or would you want to follow that many people? I am sorry but if you are following that many people, then a few things come to mind.  You spend way too much time on Twitter, you really don’t care about these people and you are padding your stats thinking it looks cool.

I hate it when someone I barely know tells me that if I follow them they will follow me. That’s not how it works buddy.  I only follow you if I find you or your writings interesting enough to make me want more.  I won’t follow you just because you follow me.  That would be too much work having to delete all the unwanted daily notifications that you have updated your status, have posted a tweet or at a restaurant.  And seriously, do you want a follower for a follower sake or someone who really likes what you are putting out?

Don’t get mad, try and understand the logic of it.  Why follow someone if you find them uninteresting? Oh yeah, so they could follow you back.


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1000 Strong

followed-blog-1000-1xWhen I click the ‘publish’ button after writing this, my blog would be sent to over 1000 followers!  Ok, maybe to many it’s not that big of a deal.  A thousand followers is maybe just a drop in the bucket but for me, I get excited over small accomplishments so I am stoked!

Look honey! Four followers today alone! I excitedly told the wife a few days ago.  Wow! It’s almost to a thousand!  After talking about it for almost ten minutes, she was tired of being the good listener and politely told me to shut up already.  Well it didn’t sound too polite.  I promised to myself that when I hit the 1000 milestone, I would keep it to myself.  And you of course.

I realize that a lot of those 1000+ followers would not actually open and read every single email they get announcing a new post.  Heck, I do that sometimes too but it’s not the point.  Actually, what is the point?

The point is that after a couple of years of airing my thoughts/vuze/takes via my blogs, I now have two major accomplishments.  I was Freshly Pressed and now have reached 1000 followers.  Readers have not only liked what I’m writing but also decided to follow me so they could read even more.  Smart people.  Or are they?

I hope my wife understands what this means.  It  means I should be taken seriously as a legit blogger.  I should now be mentioned in the same breath as…hmm…er…ok nevermind, you get the picture.

Now this calls for a celebratory drink…

Yayyy!! 1000 followers!!  Thanks for the follows guys!

Change of heart

I blogged a while ago that I was incorporating my two blogs for easier management.  Well I got as far as importing the blogs then found out that I had to pay to steer traffic away from the old blog and to this blog.  That sounded like a stupid way to spend hard-earned cash so I have decided to scrap the idea.  If you enjoyed the blogs I imported, you can follow the adventures of a Daddy at caramieandtheboyz.  I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my impulsive act but like I always say, I guess it was just My Take.  Be seeing you!

Things Are Looking A Bit Weird Around Here…

imagesIf you are a regular to my neck of the woods, you would have noticed that all of a sudden my posts suddenly increased by a couple of hundreds.  No, I didn’t stay up late into the night blogging nor did I go around re-blogging posts.  You see I have this other blog where I chronicle the adventures of being a daddy to three cute little boys and a wife to an angel.  Here. I am in the process of merging them together for a simpler blogging experience but the process is a still a work in progress. Please bear with me and feel free to check out some of my family postings.  Some of them are quite funny and cute if I must say so myself.


I am sorry to say that my takes will be a bit infrequent for a little while.  I am in the middle of a very busy period where I’m ‘putting out fires’ so to speak.  I will try to make my absence barely noticeable but if you do notice, I would be flattered and you would know why.

While I’m gone, feel free to catch up on some of my great posts like, You Are An Atheist? My Apologies, a blog about Nelson Mandela, a blog about our wastage, Don’t Waste Food  and about moral decay, Declining Moral Values.  There are many more that you probably haven’t read.  So, like Papa Tomato said to Baby Tomato, Catch up!

And you, keep following me for more great posts on my takes.

Suggested reading: 65 Million to marry daughter? Hmm…

500+ Followers!

imagesToday I reached a milestone of sorts.  Maybe nothing to write home about but to me it was a big deal.  I am excited that over 500 people actually liked my opinion enough to follow my blog.  My Vuze is exactly that, my take on various subjects.  It’s how I see things, whether popular or unpopular.  I enjoy a good controversial topic and as the great Thomas Jefferson once said, “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.”  Sometimes the rock stands alone.

Thank you for being one of my followers and I look forward to the next 500!

My Take Or Yours?

I have an admission.  I was checking my stats recently and noticed that I had quite a few followers.  I was thrilled!  “Look honey!”  I said to my wife excitedly.  “I have almost 300 followers! I am scared.  What should I write?  How do I please all these people?  I am sure to write something that they don’t like or agree with.  How do I choose ‘safe’ topics?”  “Shut up and just keep writing.”  Was her response.  We were lying in bed so she probably just wanted to be left alone.

My wife’s answer sobered me up and I thought of the reason my blog was called ‘My Vuze’.  It wasn’t because I wanted to write what people were thinking or how they felt about something.  It was my opinion, whether popular or unpopular.  How I felt and what I thought.  If I changed that to satisfy my readers, then I would be dishonest.  I would be misrepresenting my blog.

From reading other WordPress blogs, I know that I am not alone.  Some writers double think the content of their posts so as not to offend anyone or even to attract readers.  If that’s your wish, sure go for it.   Not me.  Life is too short for that.  Granted, I won’t be rude, crude or offensive in any way and there may be a topic or two that I may prefer to steer clear of.  Some of my vuze might seem to clash with my spirituality but trust me, God is the ultimate base for my takes and I never claim to be more than human.

I promise never to doubt myself again. I would tell it like it is.  Or like I think it is.  If you don’t agree, feel free to tell me why you don’t.  Maybe your information can sway my opinion.

My Greedy Ex Is Back!

F_0_pig-greedy_g_320Have you ever been in a relationship with someone you loved, when out of the blue, they say,  “Honey, I think we should take a break.  I need some space to sort things out.”?  At first you are heartbroken but as time passes, you start having fun enjoying the single life with your new-found freedom.  You have regular dates but nothing too serious and have your entire summer planned out.  Then again, out of the blue, she (it’s usually a girl) shows up.  “Hey honey, I missed you.  I think I am ready to be with you now.”  Yep, how convenient.

So obviously, she was not having as much fun with the separation as you were.  For her, the grass wasn’t greener on the other side.  Unfortunately, you had made plans that did not include her, so her showing up throws a wrench into the mix.  Yes, you love her but you are just not ready for her at this time.

Well if you understand that scenario, you will understand my mixed feelings over the news that the NHL and the owners have ended their labor dispute.   This means that they would play the remaining 48 or so games instead of scrapping the entire season.  I guess they figured that a half year’s revenue is better than no revenue.

I am an avid hockey fan so I should be pleased if not excited about having some games this season, right?  Well not really.  You see the thing is, I have since moved on.  I made plans that did not include sitting down for a few hours watching hockey.  I have home renos and family stuff.  Maybe I am not that avid I guess.  I was hoping that they would have called the season and made plans for next year.  But no, here they are with 48 or so games to tantalize us.

I am also unhappy that millionaires are taking the sport out of sports with their greed for more millions.  At the end of all this, we the fans are the losers.  Not the overpaid players and not the fat cats who own them.  Lost revenue has to be recouped and I’m sure it won’t be done by a decrease in someone’s pay.  No sir, we will pay. Just watch.

And honey, I’m sorry but you just can’t show up when you feel like it.  You are toying with my emotions here.   What am I gonna do now? I have already made plans  and I just can’t fit you into my schedule right now.

Just my take.

Merry Christmas!

thWell seems like the world did not end on the stroke of midnight as widely thought.   Darn, I was hoping it would so I wouldn’t have to pay all those Christmas bill$.

Talking about Christmas, I am sure you have a lot better things to do than read my blogs at this time of year.   Not that I mind and if you don’t have anything better to do, feel free to peruse.  Me, I will be so busy starting today, that I won’t have time to blog and I don’t want to write a blog as a filler. I will be disappearing for a bit so I could go do some Christmas shopping, (Yes, I am a guy and I haven’t shopped yet.) clean, make my holiday drinks and a bunch of other Christmas related tasks.   My brother and his family are coming in from Toronto to spend Christmas in Winnipeg as per tradition.  Apparently he is bringing a wicked thirst with him that needs quenching….woe is me!

It was a nice year of blogging and interacting with you.  I appreciate all the comments, likes and follows.  I wish for you and your family, nothing but the best Christmas and the New Year have to offer.

Merry Christmas to you and your family from me and my family.


Who’s The Little Boy In The Pink Sundress?

sundress :: sommerkjole-topp #3

I recently found an interesting blog on WordPress.  It is a ‘mommy blog’ and chronicles her experience raising a gender nonconforming 5-year old son.  The blog is well written and shares the funny embarrassing moments.  A good read indeed.  Check it here.

I applaud the writer.  She’s one unique woman.  The stance she took when she realized that her son was not going to be ‘conforming’ to the path little boys takes guts.  She embraced it and encouraged it.  Want to wear a dress to school? Sure, pick one.  Want to come with mommy to get your nails done?  Sure thing little fella.   Me? I plain and simply could. not. do. that.  Sorry, my bad.  Call me bad daddy but bad daddy ain’t down with that!

If one of my little boys were to display a tendency to dress as a girl, I will NOT be allowing it.  At 5 years old, I will call the shots on what he wears (to a point) and it sure isn’t going to be something his female classmates wear.  Bad dad again.  At five years old, he won’t be playing with dolls if daddy could help it.

I know the ‘Let them be what they want as long as they are happy.’  Heard it all but I have to be the Happiness Grinch for a while.  I love my kids and I try to be as open as I could be.  I know I cannot control who they are and what they are going to be.  It’s usually easier for us who don’t have that problem to say stuff like, ‘Oh it’s ok.  There’s nothing wrong with that’  but how would you REALLY feel if your little boy reveal to you his yearnings to be your little girl?

To be quite honest, reading about the C.J (the kid in the blog) wearing a sundress and sporting colored fingernails is hard to get used to.  Maybe I’m just not at that point in my awareness and need some form of counselling…All I can say is, I hope I never have to deal with this because to be truthful, I am not equip with the necessary tools to be able to comfortably accept my 5-year old desire to live like a girl.

C.J is lucky to have a mom like that.  He seems like a sweet and happy little boy with a strong family at his back providing love and support.  As they say, to each his own.

Read this story here about a boy who was raised as a girl because of botched penile surgery and the consequences.  This is also another interesting read, here.

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