1000 Strong

When I click the ‘publish’ button after writing this, my blog would be sent to over 1000 followers!  Ok, maybe to many it’s not that big of a deal.  A thousand followers is maybe just a drop in the bucket but for me, I get excited over small accomplishments so I am stoked! Look honey! […]

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My Take Or Yours?

I have an admission.  I was checking my stats recently and noticed that I had quite a few followers.  I was thrilled!  “Look honey!”  I said to my wife excitedly.  “I have almost 300 followers! I am scared.  What should I write?  How do I please all these people?  I am sure to write something […]

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The art of writing

    This blog should have been aptly titled, ‘The lost art of writing’ since that is exactly what it is, lost.   While listening to the radio yesterday, yes I do subscribe to ancient technology sometimes, the announcer was having a contest where the question was about the small number of people who still […]

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Don’t hate, appreciate the bloggers

Definition of a blog:  : a Web site that contains an online personal journal with reflections, comments, and often hyperlinks provided by the writer; also : the contents of such a site.  That my readers, is the definition of a blog.  You are thinking, ‘So what’s your point?’ Don’t rush me, I’m getting there. Too often while surfing blogs, […]

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Straight Blog

Have you ever found yourself in discussions where you have so much to contribute but you are muted by everyone else or too intimidated or shy to speak up? Or maybe just couldn’t find the right words to put it all together?  After an argument have you said to yourself, ‘I wished I had said […]

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