Take the Vaccine or else…

With the mandatory double vaccine requirements being introduced in business, sporting venues, restaurants, et al, employees are faced with the choice of getting vaxxed or face losing their jobs. I have my own opinion on this and let me remind you again that this is my blog and my take of which I am entitled.

Now, the common consensus is that we need to be all-in to end this pandemic. Everyone needs to be vaccinated and once they are, things would go back to normal. There are lots of differing opinion on this but that’s for another blog. My take is this, so we are making it mandatory for employees to be vaccinated with the added threat that if they don’t, they will be on the bread line. That’s all fine and dandy but my question is, let’s say these employees call the bluff and do not take the vaccine, how would that help us or anyone, other than create more unemployment and EI claims, leaving the vaccinated workers to foot the bill? Or maybe they would not be entitled to Unemployment benefits? Would they? Employee not compliant to changing workplace culture?

If I ask my kids to eat a food that I deemed necessary for their health and growth and they refuse, I may threaten them that if they do not eat it they would not have their phones for a week. What if they actually hold out and stick to their guns? Where does that leave me? I can’t ram the food down their throats, I could yell and scream but if they say no, there’s nothing I could do and in the end, it’s either I eat it or it goes in the garbage. Right?

So the point I am making here is this, if these vaccine-hesitant employees decide to hold out, what’s the next move? Drug them then vaccinate them? Trick them into taking it? If none of those, then what? And wouldn’t that just take us back at square one? You know, like the part about dumping the food in the garbage?

Sometimes openess and being forthcoming work much better than heavy-handedness, and threats, but again, this is still just my take…

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