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Don’t Bring A Gun To A Popcorn Fight

Movie theater

Movie theater (Photo credit: JanneM)


Here’s another classic example of how the gun has become a part of American culture.  Less than a month ago, a 71-year-old retired Tampa Bay police captain took a loaded pistol into a theater and in an altercation that stemmed from a patron texting during the movie was in progress, shot and killed said patron.


Is no place sacred anymore? Kindergartens, High Schools, University, Movie Theaters…places you never usually associate with being a places of violences are now regular crime zones.  No one but this man Curtis Reeves, knows why he took a gun to the movies.  He was with his wife for goodness sakes! A retired cop.  Not only a cop but a captain, should have known better.  After repeatedly telling the victim to stop texting, the victim having heard enough, tossed popcorn at Mr. Reeves who promptly pulled his gun and shot him, also wounding his wife.


How do we stop this rise in gun-related crimes? Could we even stop it? Should there be metal detectors around every corner and in every place where two or more are gathered? People need to stop thinking they are packing a gun for personal protection against other gun users.  It’s not a clothing accessory.  If Mr. Reeves had left his gun at home a husband and a father would be alive today and Mr. Reeves would be sitting in his favorite chair enjoying his retirement instead of facing the possibility of spending the rest of it in confinement.

Interesting to note that Curtis Reeves actually got up to seek out the assistance of the manager but didn’t think of changing seats to avoid further confrontation.  I think he went looking for a fight.


It’s time to learn that guns don’t kill people but people with guns do.  On another note, could you imagine the fallout if it had been a black guy he had killed?

Just My Take.



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One thought on “Don’t Bring A Gun To A Popcorn Fight

  1. You are right. Guns don’t kill people, ANGRY people with guns kill people. The problem is not the guns, the problem is that there are so many angry, messed up people in the world. We need to teach people how to control their anger and love other people instead of hating and killing. So many wasted lives!

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