The art of writing


Writing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This blog should have been aptly titled, ‘The lost art of writing’ since that is exactly what it is, lost.


While listening to the radio yesterday, yes I do subscribe to ancient technology sometimes, the announcer was having a contest where the question was about the small number of people who still do a certain act, to which the act was ‘writing love letters’.  And I’m not talking about writing on Word or Notepad.   Love letters tediously written by applying pen to paper.  Don’t laugh, believe it or not, we did that in the not-too-distant past.


Well I had never paid much attention to this dying art, if you could call it that.  I did, however,noticed that when I had to take a step backwards and actually write, it was an embarrassing process.  The pen felt awkward in my hand and I could not settle on a style.  The finished product looked like an insect had fallen into a jar of ink and after making its way out, wandered blindly across my page.   My writing always left something to be desired but with effort, I usually could produce something of worth.  Now it was just a humbling experience.


Remember cursive?  If not, don’t worry about it, it’s gone the way of the dinosaurs.  Why search for a writing utensils when your phone is in your hand and text-ready?  Even email-ready also.  It’s a shame.  The more we advance, the more we deteriorate.


The female announcer, apparently of the old school demographics, challenged listeners to write a love letter to their loved ones.  I liked that.  Maybe it’s too late to resurrect the art of writing but it sure would be refreshing to get a hand-written love letter once in a while, wouldn’t it?  Hey Christi, could you maybe post those letters on your station’s website?



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