12.12.12 and its meaning

Today is the last of triple date you and I will ever see.  Sad eh?  Not really.  What does it mean?  Nothing.   Just another date that looks nice and will look even nicer at 12:12pm.   A palindrome as it is called.

Now consider 08.08.08.  That was four years ago and was the last time I would ever have a birthday in that sequence.  Ever!   Sad eh? Yeah, I’ll really miss those numbers.  Oh, consider this also, my birthday is August 8th, 08.08, multiply them by each other and you get 64 which coincidentally, is my birth year. Freaky!

So as you go about your day, try not to pay too much attention to the fact that it is 12.12.12.  It’s hard to ignore as it is on every media and your friends won’t let you forget it.   As I blog,  an ad on the radio beckons me to come on down and purchase a vehicle as today is a monumental day.   Sure, I’ll get right on that.  There are also quite a few weddings today.  Unusual for a Wednesday but it’s not a usual Wednesday, right?  Wrong!  Tell that to your boss.   The good thing about this though is the husbands would never again forget their anniversary, or would they?  So if you can’t escape it the 12.12.12 hype,  then have yourself a Happy 12.12.12, enjoy the palindrome.

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